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Join My Bliss Binge

By July 13, 2014Blog
I am sooo happy living my Bliss Life – that I decided everyday I am going to set a NEW HAPPINESS and income RECORD!! I LOVE – love – love my new life BB_WB2near the beach and my Bliss Business and I have accessed a new level of real BLISS!So – sitting in the hot tub the other night, Chris said “I want to go on a Happiness Binge!”… 
I agreed enthusiastically and have decided to invite you to come along!First thing that popped in my head was

when I was growing up my family would tell me I was too happy – and many times over the years I have heard the same thing. Perhaps you’ve had the same?

Ever notice how other people rarely like it if you are happy? It even pisses some people off!Did you realize how much you may be holding yourself back from true happiness –  your own personal BLISS life – because of what others have told you or worry about what they think?

So come along – I will be sharing simple, fun and profound ways to increase your bliss and income…Spiritual – Mental – Emotional – Physical – Financial Bliss – imagine…..

Please add your own comments and bliss stories below and tell your friends!! Why not spread the happiness
as I share tips, tools and deep processes to access deeper levels of Bliss and of course, help you make more money blissfully!!
We will even get clarity on what actually makes you happy now – maybe it’s something that you never thought of or tried!

So let’s start today!  Step 1 – Starting your “Bliss Binge”!

  • Discover what you really love, desire and enjoy – it may be something you never knew!
  • Decide to go after it – until you reach it – and let go of listening to doubt, fear or drama from your “Poor Girl” in your head.
  • Deepen your ability to let go (of past, pain and parents and limits) and know your own heart, 
  • Direct your thoughts and feelings to the most happiness you can access in any moment and start to see magic happen!
  • Doors will open that are there in your bliss field only for you!! Walk thru them and enter a whole new reality, built by and for only you!
STEP 1 – You must know what is keeping you from knowing and feeling true happiness, based on what you really love, no matter how silly or unimportant you may think it is. Many adults have a hard time being, feeling or even knowing what really makes them happy. Ask yourself these questions, write, meditate and uncover what comes up …

  1. “Who or what do I think keeps me from my happiness?
  2. What do I really want? Do I believe I can have it, deserve it?
  3. Who do I think may not like it and that may stop me?
  4. How can I feel, accept and enjoy the things that make me happy already even more?
  5. What am I no longer settling for and what do I want and am willing to go for no matter what?

oooo this is going to be so much fun!! Bliss out!!

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