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How to Find a Rainbow in your Yard and See the invisible so you can always find the answer and live a bigger life

By August 26, 2014Blog
Why find a rainbow?
Well other than just plain fun – and you need more fun in your life – I LOVE showing you how to SEE what is INVISIBLE to your eye or current senses.
What is invisible to your eye, or your current state of awareness,and senses is not the full story, so be careful not to make decisions based on what you already know, see or have experienced – it’s not the whole Truth, there is always much more.
When you know this and begin to act and decide from the knowing that even if you can’t see it – there is more here, the answer and the way is already here.
Step 1: Find a Real Rainbow right where you are
  1. Go into your yard with a hose and when the sun is out begin to shower the hose in different angles and directions, watch carefully until you catch a glimpse of the rainbow.
  2. Then follow it with the water shower and see if you can find the full rainbow – end to end!!
  3. Dance, celebrate and then repeat and see how many you can find!
Now you have physically shown yourself, your conscious mind, something it cannot see normally and proven it is there.
Step 2: Find the Solution to your problem right where you are
  1. Focus on your situation, problem or question. Feel it all the way and ACCEPT any feelings you have about it, fear, doubt, excitement. Declare in your heart you are “Ready and Willing to see the door now”
  2. Then tune into your Bliss Field (where all answers are already – just like the rainbow) and using your inner awareness like the hose, tune into your flow – reveal your Bliss Stream and ask for the answer. Expand your awareness and alertness within and without and be still.
  3. Then follow the guidance you receive immediately or walk around saying “there it is” until you “see it” in your mind’s eye or in 3-D.
Once you see it, or think of the next step, shower everything, including yourself in gratitude and go enjoy it!
I love the delight when I do this, because I feel like I have found hidden treasure! It is beautiful, colorful and full of joy – and it is Divine energy and light that is always here, even when we can’t see it.
Remember the rainbow, and the ‘pot of gold” at the end of it, is always here, even when you think you cannot see it! The rainbow is what I call your “Bliss Stream” -and it is made up if the colors of your particular likes and passions and it has doors for you that are only there for you, no one else…
Just like the answer to anything you are facing now, the rainbow is there – go seek it out and delight in it!!
Please leave a comment and share this, I’d love to know what fun you had with this or any AHA’s you got 🙂