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Be LOVE Book Harmony Love Ceremony

By February 27, 2015March 11th, 2019Blog

IMG_1836I am excited to be off to a 3 day event all on publishing. Where our publishing company – BlissLife Press – is being given an award, as well as being featured on an expert panel!

My co-founder Chris, who was the marketing mastermind behind my new #1 bestselling book, will be receiving an award for publishing and is featured on a panel of publishing experts as well!

So to help you enjoy your weekend as much as I am going to, I wanted to give you this fun and powerful Vibration raising Activation from my new #1 book: “Be LOVE” 14 BlissLife Principles to Activate Instant Inner Peace, Strong Self Esteem & Real Courage so You Prosper in Full Color Happiness.

The book is a practical manual about how to raise your vibration and increase love, money, happiness… help you manifest any goal in your Soul…

My gift is an activation that actually uses physical items, as most in the book are internal processes. However this is so fun and easy, and effective for raising your vibe, energy and I wanted to share it with you.

This is from Principle #6 Be LOVE to your Body… it focuses the Flavor Vibe of Harmony…   Principle #6 Be LOVE to your Body Flavor Vibe: Harmony

Be LOVE Ceremony for your Body. Infuse your body, cells, organs and brain with the Vibration of “Harmony” thru Stones and grounding with Mother Earth.”

Stones are record keepers, and hold ancient wisdom and massive knowledge.

They have healing vibrations of all flavors and can also be programmed to hold and emanate certain vibrations. Get crystals or stones of different types and tape them to your body with medical tape.

Match the stones qualities to the area, like taping a block stone to your tummy (Solar Plexus) will absorb negative vibes when you are with people who complain or blame. Tape a rose quartz to your heart center to infuse more LOVE into your heart. Tape flourite to wound, or a sore, weak or damaged area. Or increase blood flow to speed up healing with a magnet or hematite.

You can use Citrine on your 3rd eye for raising your clarity and spiritual connection as well as your riches. Program a quartz crystal with your goals, your vision, your intentions or with Be LOVE or any healing energy and then tape it to the appropriate area….

Do this overnight, during a process or ceremony or daily over time… test, play and enjoy.

If you enjoyed this or my book please leave a comment below, but even better, share the book and leave a 5 star review on amazon for me.