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Reveal and write your personal mystery & mythology! Meet your writing muse, and all her friends…

By May 14, 2015Blog

Imagine spending your summer going deep into your mystery… and write your Souls story… your personal mythology with the guidance of the Divine realms here to inspire and support you…

While diving deeper into yourself, you will enter a magical zone where you will connect with the most creative, loving, infinite, powerful and inspirational guides. You will expand your awareness, and raise your vibration to Be a CLEAR and OPEN Channel to communication from Spirit, source, your higher selves Angels, Fairies, and other dimensions, as you write and reveal your truth!

This is for writers and authors… and for creatives and visionaries and healers, and for anyone who is navigating into the deeper realms of their personal mystery and mythology.

Is this a the next door on your Spiritual path?

We will do deep spiritual work, and access more levels of communication with all forms of life source.

I will give you a

We will write in many forms, and experiences.

This will heal and transform you from within.

It will bring you amazing content for your book, programs or services, or for your life.

It will open you up to a deeper level of creativity and communion with Source and the Divine energies that are here to support you

You will follow your bliss and open to new depths of guidance, trust, expression, and ecstasy!

I will be guiding a deep exploration of how to connect, hear, receive, exchange and deepened your natural intuitive abilities and

(More info coming soon, if you are interested. please email [email protected] and we will send you the curriculum and more details as soon as it is ready…

2 Options to Play:

#1: 8 Virtual Live 90 Minute Sessions, recorded.
Class is 6 Weeks Long:  June 30 – August 6th, 2015
EZ Special Price until June 10th: $247 or 3 x $99/ 30 days apart

#2 3 Day Writing Workshop and Deep Spiritual Dive in person in Southern CA Coastal area (near San Diego). August 9-11. Get Both the Live course and the 3 day workshop for only $497! (Workshop is Priced at $497 all on it’s own, buying them together now gives you half off!

EZ Payment plan 3x $197 (30 days apart)

Spiritual Channeling Writing Class Details:

  • 8 Live Classes, over 6 weeks, Virtual, all recorded, Tuesdays 9 am PST  June 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4th. Plus Two Saturdays at 9
  • Lifetime access to a private membership site with all materials, audios, and playsheets, templates, Guided processes and more
  • Transformational Author Circle Monthly Call access for 2 months ($197 value)
  • Private forum to communicate, share and get feedback between calls
  • Private 30 Minute Session with Nan ($650)