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Excuses begone- Wayne Dyer showed us how to live on purpose and not wait

By August 31, 2015Blog

What a BLESSING that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer chose to follow his heart’s calling and Spiritual Mission in life and not his EXCUSES. He gifted us with over 40 books, countless programs and a role model for living life on purpose, no matter what the NORM said! What I wondered, as I felt him pass thru the gate last night (yes, despite being exhausted from a full play day, I could not sleep!) from this dimension to the next one on his path… is – what is stopping EVERYONE from living like that?

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I know, I have been developing myself for decades, and I put into the world an enormous amount – 7 businesses, 1000’s of worldwide clients and massive amounts of content…, and it really is not enough according to my Soul , I know that.

When I am honest with myself… I have spent too much time worrying about what others think, following the rules, trying to be liked and not making “mistakes” and not enough going for what my heart knows is right and letting the Universe step up and care for me on the path of my truth.

EXCUSES BEGONE – one of my favorite Wayne books (along with so many others Like “Living the Tao”) – is also the MAIN MESSAGE I received from him as he transitioned. I am no longer waiting, holding back or worrying if you like me, if what I am doing the ‘right thing’ according to so many OTHERS, if I will be accepted or rejected… NONE of this is relevant to my SOUL’S PURPOSE.

To hell with judgemental, small minded, fear-filled haters, I am here to embody Divine love and the Divine feminine, to open others to their Spiritual truth and to share their message with the world – like Wayne – through books, programs, speaking and healing. There IS NO TIME TO WAIT. WAIT is a 4 letter word.
LOVE – LIVE YOUR HEART’S CALLING – PLEASE STOP waiting – every excuse you make, even when you think it is out of your control and think it is a real reason -IT’S AN EXCUSE your poor mind is serving up to slow you down for “safety” reasons… YOU ARE IMMORTAL -stop playing safe and LIVE YOUR LIFE IN FULL COLOR!
SPEAK UP – share your gifts and never let the DOUBT run your life… you will so regret it big time and that pain is so much worse than anything you could experience on the path of ‘following your bliss” – like ridicule, and all the “Burned at the Stake” syndrome’s.

I do not care if you like me or work with me, and I am thrilled if you do, but the real issue is:

BE LOVE today – to you, and listen to your higher self, your SOUL’S PATH and tell the rest of the people in your head to move out… it is your Sacred place to create the life, love, world and body of work you want to gift to the all.

THANK YOU Wayne – you will be an even more powerful teacher for the all now… how delightful! Looking forward to our new adventures.

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If I showed you your next step on your Soul’s purpose path and was a clear and open channel for a message from your Higher self… would you do it – or make excuses?

Sadly almost 94% of the population WOULD NOT! Even if it felt right in their heart and their ‘gut’ or intuition reacted with wild enthusiasm…
Pretty sad, isn’t it? That we are so caught up in a life that says run, rush, do not express your real self, and be what everyone else tells you you should be. I have seen the most magical, spiritually connected people STAY in horrible relationships, life sucking jobs and not following their deepest intuition, all because they are afraid of making a mistake, upsetting someone else and being criticised or not liked.


Get over it and onto your real purpose path! I invite you to consider if you are one of the only 20 people who will journey with me over the Equinox deep into your real purpose and releasing the past, writing from spirit and surrounded in LOVE…

There is NOTHING to hold you back if you know it is for you and decide to step in – no excuse is real. I have proved this myself and with my clients OVER AND OVER for years – there is ALWAYS A WAY – an answer, a solution.

I received an email from a beautiful woman who knew she was meant to be at my last life changing retreat (videos and pics on the page).. and she shared all the examples of how the Universe showed up to help her get here, from money, to travel, accommodations and more… and she didn’t take the loving hand the Universe held out to her…

Now she KNOWS she is loved and supported, and is ready to STOP holding herself back because of other people’s fears… nothing changed for the other person after her stopping herself for them… they were still miserable, angry and unhappy. Ever had that experience? Holding yourself back because others have fear or do not understand? It NEVER works, do not do it. She suffered her own consequences in her own path of evolution. YOu have too, so have I. I missed golden moments in time and precious life experiences and Golden moments because I let others fear hold me back. Yet I am the one who lost out, not them.

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