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Magical March Ascension Experience?—?Intense Creativity Unleashed!

By March 8, 2018April 26th, 2019Blog

It’s Equinox month…

Buckle Up?—?fast change happening…

March energies are fast, and demand you let go of whatever is no longer you or serves you in the best way. It may seem like stuff is falling apart or you are losing things, but it’s happening to everyone and every system- Just look around!

Listen to your heart, trust your intuition and
follow Spirit over logic and mind!

Time to let go as graciously as you can and make way for the new, on every level.

Join me on our monthly Light Experience…
Magical March Ascension Experience?—?Intense Creativity Unleashed!

Do you realize what that means?

It’s finally time to open to what is best?—?Bliss is on its way… BUT- if you try to control it and force it (Make it happen the way you think it should…) or hold on to the old ways?—?you will feel like you are in chaos.

Come dive into the energies that are accelerating and leading us to the Equinox and focus on the balance, between the worlds, yin/yang?—?like it is the top of the Mayan Pyramid and keep climbing.

The Spring Equinox Mayan Pyramid Magic-Dolphin Healing is when we literally climb the tallest Mayan Pyramid at dawn (no one else around but the birds and monkeys) and what free our Souls to live in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

Use your natural creativity and a touch of magic to find the places you are still holding on to old thought patterns of limitation (these have to go now or you feel beat up because the frequency of consciousness we’re living in is so fast.)

This magical journey will take our journey to the center of the heart even deeper as this month is all about new beginnings, rebirth, purity and cleansing too…

Leave the ’heavy’ baggage (emotional, mental, karmic…) of your past, fears, and any need to control behind and look UP?—?to the light. What your heart really wants is there.

Want to navigate the ever increasing energies of this new timeline on earth with more trust, grace and peace?

Recognize that we’re moving out of old paradigms, old systems, all the patterns,… In fact almost all old ways of being no longer serve us and that includes jobs, locations, relationships…

This is the moment when we truly realize that our spirituality or spiritual path is no longer a fun pastime, something we believe in but don’t tell others, or something we hope to eventually integrated fully…


Pass it on ~

In Lak’ech Ala K’in!

We are one,

Nan Akasha CHT DHM MM KM

Fairy Godmother, Master Healer
Founder LightBody™ School,
LightBody™ Healing Practitioner Training
BlissLife Retreats?—?Soul Awakening & Personal Transformation

PS Since the Journeys to the Center of the Heart (still free) MAJOR inner shifts are occurring for everyone.. If you have not done it yet, now is the time to grab it while it is still free… and

COME spend the equinox on the top of pyramid of consciousness?—?literally at
the Mayan Pyramid Magic & Dolphin Healing Retreat.

One Heart?—?One Mind?—?One Love