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A Sacred Water Purifying Experience – Right Now

By April 13, 2018April 26th, 2019Blog


Ready to cleanse and release right now?

Great! One of the BEST things you can do for yourself in every area is to constantly be cleansing, clearing and raising your energy.

CenoteMind, body and even your emotional and spiritual bodies.

Enjoy this delightful water purifying experience in a sacred Mayan Cenote – a “sacred well”.

These PURE and pristine waters leave you feeling like you have been at a spa all day. The water is ancient and new, filtered through the land made from limestone – an ancient seabed filled with fossils and shells. The energies are healing and rejuvenating and there are over 300 miles of underground rivers and cenotes in this magical Mayan land.

CenoteIt is all natural and helps to heal both the physical body and the LightBody – your mind relaxes and stress rolls off…

Your emotions become calm, peaceful, centered.

Joy begins to rise up.

CenoteThere is even a childlike delight that comes, as the mystery, and natural beauty encompass you.

All these images are vibrationally infused with the essence of the energy from these sacred and amazing places.

Nan inside sink hole cenoteThis is EK Balam Cenote in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.  This is near the sacred Black Star Jaguar Mayan temple (Ek Balam – the Balam were the Mayan Jaguar Priests) where we will be doing inner eye activations and vision quests with this powerful spirit animal on the top of pyramids in September for the BlissLife epic equinox retreat.


This is one of my BlissLife experiences, which you can experience in several ways now!

  1. Join one of my epic equinox retreats
  2. Experience LightBody healing Live
  3. Have a private experience! You can now come to the Mayan Riviera and choose your own tailor made experience from a wide variety of options. (I put together the experience for 1-7 days just for you to heal your body, mind, and soul… to find your purpose or get unstuck or heal. I choose from many natural healers and healing methods, natural places and unique, Soul refreshing experiences  )

You can have this private experience for yourself or as a couple or in your own small group of family or friends. Let me know what it is that you want to experience and accomplish and I will create the most unique, sacred, fun, rejuvenating and healing experiences of your life. Contact [email protected]

Now enjoy all the photos and videos of this amazing experience so you can breathe it in.

Then watch for more posts with other cenote experiences. This is only one one of hundreds of kinds of cenotes (open, closed, partially open, feminine or masculine energy, small or big, day or dawn…).

The possibilities for these experiences are limited only by your ability to dream what your hearts wants and ask… me.

In Lak’ech (Mayan for “We are One),



Akasha at Cenote