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How to Amplify Divine Love and Create Your Heart’s Desires

By April 17, 2018April 20th, 2018Blog

Blessings on this day of DIVINE LOVE!

Tuesday is the Day to Create Your Heart’s Desires!

This is a BlissLife Living the Light Tip to help you create your heart’s desires.

Your heart’s true desires are Divine and when you listen

and follow them, more love pours into your life in every way.

Tuesday use this tip to fill your tank with love and raise your vibration…

Specifically of LOVE.

There are ‘rays’ of light that create everything in form and each
ray is amplified on a particular day of the week.

Tuesday the Ray of Divine LOVE is Amplified.

Here is how to use it:

Declare: “I am an excellent receiver and I am open and receptive to the
3rd ray of Divine Love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tune in to Divine love, and to the energy of rose quartz,
declare you are open to communicate with the Divine Love Ray of creation.

Invite the 3rd Ray of Divine Love to heal, transform, harmonize.

Focus on seeing and speaking and stepping from LOVE.

Use this ray of Love to dissolve blocks, fears and
perceived barriers to what your true heart desires.

Bring Compassion into your body and mind… then expand it into
your space, and your actions.

Be Love in action.

Put your hands on your heart and breath deeply, asking and seeing/feeling
the ray of Cosmic Love to pour in through your hands into your heart center.

Ask your Heart Chakra (center) to be open and receptive to this love stream,
and to balance to the optimal vibration of love for me at this time.

Receive it. Everything is energy and everything is vibrating.

You want to keep your rate of vibration as high as possible (in most all situations).

For example, Guilt is a vibrational rate of 30. This is a low energy state, and you can feel it.
Love is a vibrational rate of 500. When you feel love, loved or loving, you can tell you are ‘lighter’.

Right there you can see how focusing on this ray and the rate and state of LOVE (500),
you will automatically begin to lift your energy up and feel less stress and more compassion…

Especially for yourself.

Find ways on Tuesday to acknowledge this conscious energy of Divine love and then ask it
to amplify your love, and your heart’s truth, so you can feel and follow it clearly.

Now feel it pouring down to you and through you from within and without
through every chakra, every cell…

Amplified LOVE on Tuesday within you, the world… within the planet and within all
life here and throughout all multi-verses.

Do what makes you feel loving, loved or loveable. Raise and keep your vibration high
so you can choose, think, speak and step from love.

Remember first and foremost love must be received by you before
It can move through you and be given into the world.

If you do not allow yourself to receive LOVE, you are giving from an empty well.

Serve yourself first from the infinite well of Divine Love.

There is no shortage.

Then you can be a wellspring of Love and good in the world

Connect to this very high frequency, the third ray of divine love Tuesday
and ask it to be your companion, your healer.

Ask it to fill your heart and your mind and to let you ‘see’ from love.

Amplify Love and spread it everywhere,


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