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Full moon cleanses to lighten up and free yourself of heavy energies

By April 27, 2018Blog

Lighten Up! Free yourself of heavy energies with these two Full Moon Cleanses.

I have been seeking and teaching ways to clear away the old, heavy, negative and outdated energies (thoughts, feelings, habits) by learning to feel and direct energy. In my LightBody School we use energy, light, and more to move, balance, increase, disconnect and direct energy. Cleanses are one powerful thing we do. Cleansing happens multidimensionally; physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, karmically, in relationships and spiritually.

This full moon is a deep cleansing of the emotional body… watch out though, this is a really JUICY one… and watch for the waves of emotion (past, fear, sadness, regret…) because all the deep stuff is going to come up. This is an empowering experience.

Emotions are a powerful source of energy. That energy is not meant to use you, but be used by you. 

This full moon “Pink, Scorpio Moon” will run deep. You may feel introspective, and if so, give yourself time with nature, alone, journaling or watching the clouds.  The pink full moon gives you the right energy to be able to “stand in the fire” (your own inner shadows) and LOOK at ALL of you – even the parts you have shunned and shamed.

Join my Facebook Live “Full Moon Cleansing” Monday April 30 at 10 am Central at Nan Akasha on facebook.

Ready to be peeled? Yep, that is the best thing to do – peel off the old layers that no longer uplift you, and that hide your true beauty. This full moon energy will help you peel back the layers of the outdated or ‘false’ you. Like a snake shedding its old skin, you can emerge shiny, renewed and much lighter, but you have to go deeper than you realized, so decide now you are ready and willing, even if it brings up old painful crap. It’s worth it. I always say “you always get the goodies when you do the work”.

This delicious full moon is Sunday/Monday April 29/30 2018… use the 4 days (April 28, 29, 30, May 1st) to cleanse any area of your life you are ready to release and renew.

Full Moon Cleanse to do at home.
Remember you will be drawn to go deep. Old fears, attachments, karmic knots and pains may surface – and that is exactly what you want. Just know your best bet is to do purifying things like swim, or take salt baths. Standing under a shower and communing with the water is powerful.

Ask the element of water to “purify and cleanse my bodies, mind, finances, relationships, karma and Soul”. As it washes down your physical body, close your eyes and see it like liquid light purifying your cells organs… washing away any blockages, restoring balance and flow. Ask it to wash through your mental body – carrying away unserving subconscious beliefs. See it in your minds eye.
Feel it washing through your emotional body and dissolving emotional scars, karmic knots and attachments.

Also meditate by simply sitting with yourself and looking within. Look within with an open and loving eye, look into the shadows where you hide what you do not like about yourself or your life. Look where you don’t want to – where you flinch when others ask about this area of your life. Look deeper and use illumination of the pink full moon like “rose colored glasses” – look at and see with love, and free yourself.

We purified and played in these sacred Mayan waters with rainbow energy preparing for the Fall Epic Equinox BlissLife Retreat. “Ek Balam” Black Star Jaguar site is one place we will Vision Quest this September.

Combine this with a water ritual above and add your own touch of candles, incense or music. This information and the facebook live Full Moon Cleanse on Monday April 30 at 10 am central, will be useful for you in the future, over and over. So dive in and enter this full moon knowing you may swim through some dark waters, but you will surface purified, and cleansed and rejuvenated in your emotional body. Remember you already may be able to feel it, you always can several days either side of it.

There is an interesting mix of energies right now that will continue as we weave up and down through the waves of evolving consciousness, finding our path to the light of our true selves.

It’s a time to let go and cleanse and again bathe in the magical energies – but instead of them being intense like March, they are dreamy and deep, cleansing in unexpected ways.

Letting go, cleansing the old, freeing yourself of heavy energies (mind, body, spirit…) is the key.

Enlighten means lighten yourself, your body, your mind, your entire frequency.

One thing that is KEY right now in life is to learn to see, feel and direct energy. That “Akasha” – the energy that everything is created from, is not meant to control you, but be controlled by you

Acknowledge you are a being of light and energy, that creates your own reality. Accept you are made of frequencies and vibrations, designed into a specific pattern for your soul’s mission. All matter, all life in form, is the same. If you do not acknowledge this truth of who you are, you will not be able to become the master of your mind and emotions. Being intentional with your mental and emotional energy means you can live your purpose. Learning to cleanse and rebalance your energy helps you live aligned with your Soul’s path and shows you how to lift yourself out of depression, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

You are a Light-Body of many layers, now is time to peel back the current layer that keeps you where you are and rise up to higher, happier frequencies like acceptance, peace, bliss…

This full moon says WAKE UP – because we are taking you under, under the surface of your life and the facade of your self image, under the busy mind… deep into the emotional realms.

LightBody School is launching in a whole new way to learn to release yourself from heavy energies (disappointment, guilt…), past pain, limiting beliefs and disempowering relationships this summer, and it’s the perfect place to learn this d how to create your life on purpose.

Awaken and enlighten are the themes of the full moon, and because it is the start of a new month – and May Day – a bright springy day, it will be an important moment to set the tone for the month of May (when energies sprout and bloom).  

Enlighten this time means in a very different way. This time no ‘packed lunch spirituality”. This time you have to go deep, no sticking your toe in, no taking a few minutes and then jumping back into your busy, busy life. Give yourself a full moon cleanse. 


BlissLife Retreats Throat Chakra Activation Dawn at Temple of the Wind God, Tulum, Mayan Riviera

To honor this special moment of powerful energies that offer support in our awakening, I am doing a FB Live Full Moon Cleanse Monday April 30 at 10 am central. It’s free, just log in and join me!

I am bringing LightBody Healing 2018 to live audiences this summer (as well as the online class of course). It is a powerful way to cleanse, and re-align your energies… so come taste and dive in with me Monday… and share, and LET GO and cleanse in the PINK full moon.

Thank you for cleansing your luminous energy field. You have no idea how powerful you are and how potent your LightBody’s energy is, even when you are unaware of it. Every moment of your life you put into the world a permanent contribution to the combined energy vibration of the planet. Make it a positive, uplifting and powerful one.

In Lak’ech (Mayan for We Are One).
For more information on LightBody School, BlissLife Retreats, or private sessions or experiences with Akasha, email