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BL04-01 Full Moon Cleanse – April 2018

By April 30, 2018April 26th, 2019Podcast

Lighten Up! Free yourself of heavy energies with these two Full Moon Cleanses.

I have been seeking and teaching ways to clear away the old, heavy, negative and outdated energies (thoughts, feelings, habits) by learning to feel and direct energy. In my LightBody School we use energy, light, and more to move, balance, increase, disconnect and direct energy. Cleanses are one powerful thing we do. Cleansing happens multidimensionally; physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, karmically, in relationships and spiritually.

This full moon is a deep cleansing of the emotional body… watch out though, this is a really JUICY one… and watch for the waves of emotion (past, fear, sadness, regret…) because all the deep stuff is going to come up. This is an empowering experience.

Emotions are a powerful source of energy. That energy is not meant to use you, but be used by you.

This full moon “Pink, Scorpio Moon” will run deep. You may feel introspective, and if so, give yourself time with nature, alone, journaling or watching the clouds. The pink full moon gives you the right energy to be able to “stand in the fire” (your own inner shadows) and LOOK at ALL of you – even the parts you have shunned and shamed.