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Can Sacred Places, Symbols and Patterns Change your Level of Consciousness?

By May 15, 2018April 5th, 2022Blog

Can sacred places, symbols and patterns change your mood, thoughts or level of consciousness? Have you ever had the experience of entering a building or room or even a place in nature and you can feel the sacredness? Have you ever been around a person who captivated you and made you feel great in their presence? I am certain you can remember a time when you were with a person who was negative and it affected your mood, and even your body, maybe feeling sick to your stomach?

These are all examples of the “everything is energy vibrating at different rates” truth. The fact is you are made of energy and so is everything else, so it’s inevitable that you will be affected by your surroundings; people, places, colors, decorations. All vibrations interact and create interference patterns (like when you drop two pebbles in a pond and their ripples cross and create new patterns. That is exactly what your daily life it like, continually bombarded by other frequencies. Some match or uplift you, some drag you down, even the music or smells affect you, your feelings and thoughts.

Universal laws (or Hermetic Principles) of vibration, of cause and effect, of polarity and do forth, show us how and why this happens, and yet on a day to day basis, it’s great to understand how to raise your vibration, mood, and level consciousness!

Here’s an easy way to begin to shift your energy rate and use the world around you to lift you up and feed your energy field. Beauty holds power. Color is Vibrational medicine. Symbols and patterns are visual representations of light languages. Revered, sacred buildings and places are embedded with healing powers and energy vortexes for your enlightenment.

Color is a Buffet of Vibrational Treats to Create and Balance Yourself with. I love rainbow (full color spectrum) colors, it makes me happy which is a high (light) vibrational/consciousness state. In LightBody School you learn to sense, shift, clear or absorb energy.


Doing spiritual and multidimensional meditations and activations in places with higher energies activates your awareness, and sensitivity to the world of energy all around and within you. Combining several of these “vibration shifting tools” is an excellent accelerator, which speeds up change. That change, if it is an increase of vibration (like going from anger to peace) assists you in  manifesting what you want to do and be  and have while also freeing your mind.

Sacred Geometry Temple in the Mayan Jungle combines high vibrational items such as sacred drums and patterns in the floor and walls. You can feel the atmosphere of reverence when you enter, it is unlike anywhere else in the world. The combinations of sacred symbols, sounds, music, singing and ceremony all raise your vibration, allowing a deep shift. This is one of our sacred places of transformation we go to on BlissLife Equinox Retreats (3-2018 Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony).

Both my LightBody School and BlissLife Retreats are designed to access and combine these vibrational secrets to create profound breakthroughs, healings, and realizations, making it easier then ever to rewire your mindset, master your emotions and create your life on purpose.

Nature, Sunrise, Ancient Sites and Guided Activation all while no one else is around, awakens your senses an allows you to connect with all life in motion. BlissLife Equinox Retreat March 2018 Dawn Mayan Temple Throat Chakra Activation


Imagine the Vibrational Cleansing, and Raising possible in a place like this with the colors, patterns and shape of the building combined with the element of earth, and light.


Your garden and kitchen even contain these sacred symbols and patterns that carry power and can shift your mood and clarity.

Take time today to look around. Are your surroundings uplifting and healing or depressing and heavy? Look for beauty, it holds power for you, it can be a sunset or a rose, it can be a beautiful child or a kind word an=r a song. You live in a vibrational universe and you are one with it. Your mood, and therefore your choices and life, are all supported or hindered by the places and people you surround yourself with.

In Lak’ech (We are One).