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You have heard the call within your heart to know more of the truth of who you are

By May 20, 2018Blog

I am thrilled you have heard the call within your heart to know more of the truth of who you are. Awakening is happening at such a rate on the planet now, that it is no longer an option.

My heart sings to see you willing to take back your power to create your life on purpose!

Because you are ready to learn the secrets to heal and align your body, mind, emotions and spirit with your Soul purpose… I want to help.

I know you can learn how to quickly feel and move energy with my “Infinity Light Weaving course” (which you can buy on it’s own and start right now, or get it in one of the LightBody Healing school packages) and start to solve many issues whether physical challenges, or mental blocks, or emotional fears.

Everyone is seeking to free themselves from lifelong patterns of frustration, anxiety, pain, lack of self worth or purpose. So many of us have tried many techniques and tools and still felt confused or stuck.

This is because a piece of the puzzle, or a theory, or one tool, is great… but not enough to make the change permanent. The resistance inside is too much.

The LightBody School is an experience that awakens the true vibration of your unique Soul within you. It is for everyone, ages 1-1000. Because you begin from where you are and move to the next perfect level for you, it immediately infuses your life with new clarity, inner connection and an awakening of your 360 senses, even if you are 3 years or or 93.

When you learn in this unique LightBody School multidimensional learning system, you “become, transform and transmute” the energy, instead of common teaching methods of one or two dimensional methods of “fix, struggle to change, chop off or work on”. Through ancient wisdom, scientific knowledge, and sacred esoteric mysteries you remove the veils and remember who you are. Blending in cutting edge experiences of energy, awaking the senses, vibrational attunements, activations and tools, all beautifully presented with stellar graphics, trainings, and through activations and practice the learning goes to every dimension of your being. Transformation is metamorphosis, a reshaping of the essence of who you are. everything you learn is then channeled into easy to use tools, processes, systems and programs so it becomes a part of your daily life.

NOW true inner change can happen.

If you are tired of learning lots of new information and still feeling like you do not know what to do in the moment when you have fear, confusion or negative thoughts come up… then LightBody™Healing is perfect for you!

If you are overwhelmed with many different ideas, systems, and philosophies that make you feel good in the moment, but leave you still seeking a solution to make tangible changes in your life –  then LightBody™Healing is your next step.

If you long for the wisdom of the ages, and a connection to your higher self, Angels, and your Soul’s purpose, AND a system to apply what you learn instantly… then LightBody™Healing has appeared in your conscious awareness at this time for a reason.

I invite you to speak with me, and we can gently explore what would be the best way for you to gain your goals, and find the solutions you need.

Email Donna at [email protected] and we can find a time to chat!

Or go directly to the >LightBody™School< and grab a special price on the full course, or on a smaller package or even start with module one the ridiculously simple and powerful “Infinity LightWeaving + Gratitude Infusion”. Whatever you do, do not wait. Just get started now, so soon, things will be back in your hands, your activated hands of healing light!

Your Life purpose, health, happiness and yes, even your wealth, depends on you becoming the master of energy… and the wellbeing of the world we share.

We can do that together through activating your LightBody™.

Abundant Love, Akasha (aka Nan), CHT, Fairy Godmother


Are you getting the replays of the May 2018 LightBody™ Healings and Readings?

Be sure to get on the ‘Living the Light’ free community list >here< so we can send you notices of when these amazing experiences are happening and be sure you get access to the replays. You can heal your life with these tools, use them, share them!

Also you will get notices of my New Moon Soul Alignments and Full Moon Cleanses and LightBody™ Attunements live on facebook each month. All of the May replays are and are ready for you to enjoy right now, just go >here<:

1 – May New Moon Soul Alignment  (relevant and powerful anytime)

2 – The Live LightBody™ Healing 1
“The Secret to a Purposeful Life of Soul: Vibrational Light Medicine for Manifesting Health, Wealth, Happiness”

3 – The Live LightBody™ Healing 2
“Open the Portals to Your Purpose; New Paradigms of Chakras & Spiritual Anatomy for Accelerating Manifesting

4 – The Live LightBody™ Healing 3
“The Secret Power in Your Head Activating The Pineal_the All Seeing EYE”

5 – The Pink Full Moon Cleanse May 1, 2018

Come over to the Living the Light Facebook Group and let me know what you experienced. ? Namaste!
Please spread these healings and cleanses all over, and let’s raise the vibration of the planet high!