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Free meditations for national meditation day

By May 31, 2018Blog

Blessings on national meditation day. In honor of one of the most healing practices I ever learned and continue to enjoy, I am giving you some free meditations, Yay.

I wrote a longer post about how much I love meditation, and started with Ram Dass and Kriya Yoga after my life fell apart for the first time almost 30 years ago. But I lost power and it didn’t save, so I am summing up and getting on to the gifts faster.

I’ve never stopped going deeper into the unseen world of spirit, becoming a hypnotherapist, doctor of homeopathy, radionics practitioner and much more. My fascination with vibration, energy and how to create reality on purpose, has  continued to lead me on spiritual adventures and deep healings.

My LightBody School’s healing, manifestation and intuitive and energy mastery programs are a result of the years of study and teaching, starting with my very first meditation classes I taught 18 years ago! I remember when my twin girls now 21)were about 3 I would go to playgroups and all the other moms would drag their kids out screaming and be stressed out, They asked me why I was always so calm and happy even with little kids. Meditation. Meditation and learning energy, so Ic an move it, raise it, release it and receive it, and align with my Soul’s true path.

You do not have to wait until you life falls apart to seek meditation, but after about 11 years of doing it myself, I was compelled to teach it, even though back then hated to speak in front of people.

Meditation even helped me with confidence, self love, healing through pain and most of all when my daughter Jordan died. The inner peace you receive in meditation is a sanctuary, and in that place you can accept what is, and begin to take your power back and feel whole again.


If you go >HERE< you will instantly receive the four healings listed and get access to the three Live June Money Meditations.

PLUS! I am going to do three spontaneous meditations Live on Facebook this week all about the energetic portal to freedom and power of “Acceptance”. 

Does acceptance sound boring, weak or not the right solution to your challenges? Wrong! Acceptance is the state of emotion and consciousness as well as the rate of vibrational that holds the key to freedom. At the rate of acceptance we take our power back. Not by agreeing with what is, or condoning someone else’s actions. We accept what is and then we release all the low vibes and begin to rise higher into forgiveness and compassion…

If you want to know when I will do them, I will put some notice on my Facebook page >here<

Or join my free Living the Light Community and we will email you when something awesome is happening! >here<.

These trainings and meditations with energy activations are ready now, 100% free:

LightBody™ Healing 1 ENERGY HEALING & VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE -The Secret to a Purposeful Life of Soul
LightBody™ Healing 2 CHAKRA ATTUNEMENT!
LightBody Healing 3 – 3RD EYE ACTIVATION!
LightBody Healing 4 – BLOCK CLEARING! Boost Your Manifestation Powers

And these money meditations below are coming soon, so be sure you get on the list.


Multidimensional Money Mastery: The “Melting Money Blocks” Series
3 Live & Recorded LightBody Healing Experiences to Energetically Untangle and Cleanse:

1 – Money Guilt & Shame – June 6
2 – Money Fear & Safety – June 16
3 – Money Desire & Disappointment – June 20

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