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How to master energy so you can manifest the life your Soul intended

By June 4, 2018Blog
I’ll bet you want to know how to master energy so you can manifest the life your Soul intended? You and everyone else!
Almost 30 years ago my life fell apart and I awakened to the real world. The world of energy. Now, after three decades of searching, learning, teaching, and navigating the highs and lows of life, I have created the newest system that takes you step by step through science and physics to mysteries and sacred wisdom, so you can easily learn to master, sense and direct energy, to heal and create and grow spiritually into your true purpose and happy, abundant life.
I am so honored you have heard the call within your heart to know more of the truth of who you are and to take back your power to create your life on purpose! No matter where you are in your life, this is the next step: The Energy Essentials Program by LightBody™ School.
Are you Ready to learn the secrets to heal and align your body, mind, emotions and spirit with your Soul purpose and flow of abundance? Perfect! You listened to your inner voice and heard the call.
In my LightBody™ School I combine ancient wisdom with cutting edge science. I make the mysterious simple, and give you a life altering experience that awakens your Soul and (360) senses. I blend Universal truths, energy healing, sacred geometry and mysteries into practical energy tools, and multidimensional experiences so you can tune into your flow of abundance.
You can learn how to quickly feel and move energy, freeing yourself from lifelong patterns of frustration, anxiety, pain, lack of money, low self worth or an unclear purpose. You can master your moods and thoughts, unhook from old beliefs and fears and create your life the way you most love it.
The LightBody™ School is an Experience. You learn both through knowledge beautifully presented with stellar graphics and trainings, and through activations and practice. Everything you learn is then channeled into easy to use tools, processes, systems and programs so it becomes a part of your habits and daily life. Find your own unique balance and flow and thrive.
Freedom is my #1 value, so I created this to show you how to free yourself and empower yourself to create the life you came here to live.
The Energy Essentials Program is for everyone, from age 1 -111. The LightBody Healing system awakens the wisdom within you like a manual for creating your reality. It opens you to the energy FLOW of the field of infinite potential. Now you can finally ACCEPT and enjoy being a Divine creator in a human body in a Universe of energy. It’s exactly what you have been looking for, even if you never knew it.
If you are tired of learning lots of new information and still feeling stuck, like you do not know what to do in the moment when you have fear, confusion or negative thoughts come up… then the LightBody™Healing Energy Essentials Program is perfect for you!
If you are overwhelmed with many different ideas, systems, and philosophies that make you feel good in the moment, but leave you still seeking a solution to make tangible changes in your life – then the LightBody™Healing Energy Essentials Program is your next step. 
If you long to increase intuition, connection to your higher self, light guides,  animal guides and your Akashic records, AND a system to apply what you learn instantly… then the LightBody™Healing Energy Essentials Program has appeared in your awareness at this time for a reason.
I invite you to speak with me and we can gently explore how the Energy Essentials Program can serve your highest good and assist you in gaining your goals, lifestyle, career, and solutions, while following your bliss. Email [email protected] and we can find a time to chat or send you a catalogue.
Click HERE to see what’s in the 6 modules in the Energy Essentials Program, (like the 12 Live practice and attunement calls and the stunning encoded tools), watch the video. Remember to check out the comments from LightBody™ Healing students who discovered their purpose, have gotten raises, promotions, bought their first house, healed emotional abuse and physical pain and much much more! Your Life purpose, health, happiness and yes, even your wealth, depends on you becoming the master of energy flow. Free yourself today, so you can light the world up with your unique brilliance and Soul Signature Frequency™.