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Clear Money Guilt and Shame Blocks

By June 7, 2018March 10th, 2019Blog

Clear Money Guilt and Shame Blocks

How do you feel about money?

It’s a loaded question, filled with emotion, fear, crazy beliefsand even crazier experiences…

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I spent over 8 years professionally diving into the energetic, mental, emotional and physiological causes behind money fears and challenges. That was after I spent 16 years on my own personal money rollercoaster and deep healing on every level.

I wrote a #1 book “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” and created several international bestselling courses on the topic like “The Spirit of Money” and “Flip Your Rich Switch”. I even created my first podcast on this topic called “Magnetic Wealth”.

I can tell you the reason I dove so deeply into the topic of MONEY… because it has one of the biggest energy CHARGES of any topic – both positive and negative.

It is an excellent way to see your blocks in any area of life.

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As a master hypnotherapist, a 29-year energy healer and an awakened intuitive with shamanic training I saw deep inside of my client’s minds, past lives and emotional patterns around the idea of money, wealth, success, value and worth, sex and love.

80%+ of the world is in poverty, if not literally, then consciously. I see struggle and unhappiness and lack of meaning, all because of the thoughts feelings, and beliefs you carry about money and worthiness… whether or not you are aware of it.

Why am I doing these calls free of charge, knowing how powerful this work is?

1. Because it is time to come together and end this ridiculous struggle. We MUST free everyone on the planet from poverty consciousness now.

2. Because no one can carry fearful feelings and thoughts about money and truly live a meaningful life aligned with their Soul purpose and be happy if you carry low vibration energies around money and self worth.

3. Because we need a planet of happy people living a meaningful life. We need move love, and unity. We need more worthiness and receiving. We need to come into alignment with the truth of the field of infinite potential of which we are a part… then we can create an earth of abundance.

4. Because I have seen and personally experienced the devastation caused in lives, minds, and relationships (mine and my clients) when money fears, beliefs and the energy patterns in your LightBody go unaddressed.

5. Because I am a “wealth generator” by design (scientific hand analysis) for myself and others, so it is ingrained in my purpose. I have built nine multi 6 & 7 figure businesses. I have made millions and lost it, several times. I have helped clients completely change their money mindset and energy patterns and make more money than they imagined or believed possible. This is hardwired into my Soul blueprint and is a must for me to teach for me to align fully with MY Soul purpose.

6. Because I want to empower you to not let money make your decisions for you. To free yourself from mental money prison and flow WITH the money stream. I have seen what I and others gave away in a divorce or breakup just to get out of a bad situation… or ask for or not ask for in a negotiation, only to realize later what we have done to ourselves financially.

And because I am an energy mentor, I know everything is energy and that is where the cause is.

You are the cause… health, happiness, and yes, even money is the effect. 

You are energy, money is energy, clients are energy, prices and bills are energy.

Join me to find out what energetic money ‘cause’ you are putting out there to create your current money flow – the “effect”.

Abundance is in your energy,

Akasha (aka Nan)
Fairy Godmother of Money and Transformation


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New LightBody School Processes for Money added as a Bonus:

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2. + Testing and changing your money frequency and increasing your ‘Wealth vibe’ – M2 -module 2
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