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BL04-05 [Video Meditation] New moon soul alignment embrace duality and higher self

By June 14, 2018August 6th, 2018Podcast

Enjoy this free New Moon guided meditation. Tap into the energies to embrace your duality and see all of you, the light and the shadow. It is a great time to tune in to your HIGHEST wisdom. The energies have been unfolding some interesting old KARMIC KNOTS in many people’s bodies, and minds, so if you feel something COMING UP, let it, and tune in, it may be a message from your highest wisdom.

It is time to embrace your multidimensional nature, and within that the capacity for duality and polarity.

Get out of your comfort zone and allow the wisdom of your higher self to guide you into the uncertainty of a new path.
Empaths and sensitives, you will need to relax and let your mind use logic to support your inner knowing and get you unstuck, and everyone, be flex and look around – get your vision out of the same line of sight, beautiful things a brewing!


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