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Money Desire and Disappointment

By June 20, 2018Blog

Money Desire and Disappointment

Money Disappointment Call is moving to Friday

Make a note: Money Desire and Disappointment LightBody Clearing Friday 1pm Eastern.

Be sure to experience the replay of last week’s Multidimensional Mastery call about money fears. It was deep and I’m still getting back feedback on the shifts.

We also dove into the deep energy blocks to abundance and happiness stemming from “making money responsible for making you feel safe”. This is a big thing that is rarely talked about and it affects your happiness and stress.

Get the replay here

Studies show that most people do not feel secure, and almost ALWAYS feel they need more money in order to feel safe.

The next call “Melting Money Blocks: Money Desire and Disappointment” is moved to Friday at noon Central.

I was invited to spend the week doing LightBody healing with dolphins and manatees, and helping in new studies for dolphin human communication.

It’s an honor beyond words, and helps me keep getting new feedback for LightBody School as well as keeping the relationship with these beautiful dolphins fresh for my next BlissLife Equinox retreat.

We get to play and do healing and interact in the most beautiful and healing ways.

Want transformation, healing and experiences beyond your wildest imaginings?

Today is the day to book your Mayan Pyramid Dolphin Healing Retreat Vision Quest with sacred ceremonies and sites. Grab the Early Bird Price or set a time to talk to reserve the best price and create a payment plan.

And the perfect match is to join the LightBody School Energy Essentials Facilitator Program, get a special price and massive transformation. (Yes, doing birth the retreat and course are fancy compliments!

SENDING SO MUCH LOVE FROM Sophia, Estia, Lulu, Isabelle and Chac, my Dolphin friends.

Ride a wave of Bliss,