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Giant Earth Crystals LightBody Healing Retreat- An Invitation from the Vortex

By June 25, 2018Blog

The time has come when the crystalline arteries of Gaia are awakening and the ancient wisdom they contain is ready to be shared.


LightBody Energy Healing Retreat
July 13-15, 2018 in The CRYSTAL VORTEX in Hot Springs, Arkansas

The Giant Master Crystals and the Entire Crystal Vortex in the sacred Ouchita Mountains create a beautiful and powerful energy in this area… in the Quartz Crystal Capital of the Planet and we are going to learn, practice LightBody Healing while working with these amplified energies and crystals (the ones we find and in the earth)!!

They are calling me – so we are doing a 3 day retreat that includes some incredible experiences with the crystals, waters and land… special price until Friday…

This is a really cool chance to play with me live and learn and practice LightBody Healing – all while being immersed inside a gigantic Crystal Vortex!

LightBody Healing LIVE gives you a chance to Play and Heal in person with me and work with Crystals as you receive LightBody Attunements and Activations!

This Crystal Portal & Crystal Vortex of Arkansas has a Great Importance in the Awakening of the Earth and the New Golden Age… This is seriously cool!

I am over the moon that Gaia and my guides have guided me to this amazing sacred place to gather in and do some important work for the Earth and the Ascension of the planet all while bathing and healing ourselves in crystalline energy that is way beyond just some “crystal work”.

What I have been shown is that this area of the planet is filled with special energies because it is the largest quartz crystal deposit and is paired with Brazil as a vortex that is balancing the planet.

It is also where the Atlanteans stored many of their Master Crystals which were programmed to wake up now… and they are!!

Just >CLICK HERE< to see more.

So in the ground here (actually popping up from the dirt where you can gather them to take as well as in caves, lake bottoms, mineral waters and all throughout the area  – these ancient master crystals are beneath it all AWAKENING! Full of the wisdom to create in harmony with the planet and use light and energy through the heart as they did in those times.

This IS the moment all the ancient wisdom, powers and knowledge, including working with these Master Crystals and Gaia, is coming to the surface, and YOU will get to be one of the gatekeepers… helping to usher in this new Golden age!

I am massively excited to get into this area in person and amplify the LightBody work and each of our personal and Soul work, while we do fun things like purify in hot springs and swim in a crystal bottom lake, soak in natural mineral baths, practice LightBody Healing, have a LOVE infusion…

It is in only a few weeks, and we have a pdf with travel information, lots of airbnb’s and potential roommates… so tune in and then grab a seat, let me know how we can help.


Crystal Vortex LightBody Retreat Coming SOON so check it out today – July 13-15, 2018

Let me know ANY questions you have!

Wow, will we ever raise our energy, break free from limiting patterns and do a whole lot of wonderful work for the planet!
This is a chance to practice and learn LightBody – IN a powerful energy Vortex, this is accelerated healing and manifesting!

Light up!


Enter the ancient Atlantis Crystal Vortex and Awaken the wisdom while experiencing energy activations, vibrational healing, sacred water purifications and more…

Go check out the website, so you can get this special price and a spot for this very special crystal experience. After Friday the price goes up and sign ups will be open as long as there is room.