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Desire Disappointment Loop

By June 27, 2018September 27th, 2018Blog

Melting Money Blocks: The Desire- Disappointment Loop – how to see it, understand it and uncover it in your life.

Did you realize that you get stuck in energy loops or double binds that keep perpetuating the same experiences in your life?

This happens in relationships, having the same fight or dating the same type of person. It happens in success, career, making money – making and losing, or never making more than a certain amount…


ENERGY LOOPS keep you in the same state of consciousness, therefore you cannot get out. This is where your repeating patterns come from.

You cannot solve the problem if you are not able to SEE from a different point of view. Changing your energetic state changes your perspective.

The KEY to a fulfilling life is knowing how to see/sense ENERGY and where it is stuck, blocked or locked.

It is immensely empowering to be able to cleanse, redirect or transform ENERGY in your mind (beliefs), emotions (fears) or body (pain) that is attached to negative feelings such as guilt.

To be able to free yourself from ENERGY PATTERNS like mental beliefs that have you shackled or in a knot, preventing you from full expression and abundance.

ENERGY affects your flow of abundance.

The money you receive (which touches most areas of your life) carries a certain energy that you put into it. Think of it like adding a flavor to water or plain ice cream or yogurt.

It is vital you get control over what ENERGY you are adding to the money in your life, and the worth you feel about yourself. Unchain your abundance.

It affects everything you think, decide, say, think, feel and therefore create and experience.

Do you KNOW how to make sure the FLAVOR of ENERGY you are infusing everything in your life with is What you WANT? Isn’t it time you began to choose and change the ENERGY feeding your life so it UPLIFTS your happiness, success and cashflow?

These are just a tiny bit of what we will be doing the next 3 weeks in LightBody School.

Learning how to find what energies are affecting you and shift them. To find the ENERGY binds, loops, clogs and then flush, floss and open the to the flow of abundance.

Understanding the Scale of Vibrational Consciousness is such a powerful experience, and you will learn so much about yourself, it will feel like someone took off a blindfold and you can finally SEE why? how?… and then actually change it!!!

We will dive into how to use a pendulum and kinesiology (muscle testing) to test your own TRUTH – REALLY Well!



Test and find out what rate your ENERGY is at, map out the ENERGY loops, binds and more and finally free yourself from frustrating habits and limiting recurring themes that hold you back from bliss.

Plus learn how to find answers to all questions in your life, from what foods are good for you to how many vitamins to take today, to what is the ideal price to charge to what healing tool is best for you.

I show you the common pitfalls of why most people do NOT get accurate answers, and how easy it is to energetically influence the answers you get, leading to lots of unhappy outcomes.

In “Energy Alignment” – Module 2 of LightBody Healing Energy Essentials Program you will become an expert at energy testing and alignment. You will be able to test your own and others energy fields, even around specific topics – like money!

PLEASE join us in LightBody School 2018. You can join the full year or just take this Module on Energy Alignment. Just click >HERE< to find out more.


Have you seen all 3 Melting Money Blocks Videos in this free series?

These no cost LightBody Healing experiences give you very deep transformational experiences, and valuable knowledge about ENERGY and how it works in relation to money.

Replays are: Melt Money Blocks around 1 – Money Guilt and Shame 2 – Money Fear and Security 3 – Money Desire-DIsappointment Loop.

What ENERGY are you feeling when you think about, ask for, receive, spend, save… MONEY?

Why is the FLAVOR of the ENERGY of MONEY in your life such an important component of a fulfilling life of purpose and abundance.

Please share the replay to this free LightBody Healing Experience and invite those you know are ready to understand that ENERGY is the building block of life, and LIGHT is the consciousness that is the architect of reality. Just forward this email.

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Please Master ENERGY. You are the LIGHT the world needs. I invite you to awaken to your full potential so we can co-create a new Earth of beauty, happiness, purpose and abundance.

In Lak’ech Ala Kin – Mayan: We Are One. I am another you. You are another me. Together we dance and weave this web of reality, let’s make it the best ever.


Be Love,

Fairy Godmother
LightBody School


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PPS Here is the REPLAY for the Melting Money Blocks Call on Deisre-Disappointment Loop – enjoy!