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BL04-06 Crystal Full Moon Garden

By June 29, 2018August 6th, 2018Podcast

May I put you in my Crystal garden?

The crystals in the earth are more ancient than you can imagine and carry wisdom and healing qualities that are needed for all humanity at this time.

The giant Earth crystals under places like Arkansas and Brazil and Madagascar are very ancient sentient beings who create a powerful energy to help us heal, remember our divinity and balance the planet.

They are calling to us to come and co-create a new path for the planet.

Come to the Crystal Vortex of Hot Springs Arkansas with me July 13 (new Moon) – 15, and tap into some of the largest crystal beds in the world!

The vibration of crystal from Arkansas is different from crystal found elsewhere in the world. The area was a growing and minding feed for ancient cultures of great wisdom and power like Atlantis.

The energy of this area is clear, fast and is now increasing.

Many lightbearers are being called here. The beauty, healing sacred waters, magical mountains, hot springs and all the crystal beds is very clear and immediate. Empaths are awakening to their strengths, you are able to shed the past, pain, fear, uncertainty, and align with the crystal core of your essence…
I am putting anyone who is joining me at his retreat into my Crystal Garden I have here in my home I will be working with the crystals here and in the Earth until the new moon tart, so you will get crystal connections and healings even before the event!