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[PHOTOS] Crystal Vortex LightBody Retreats

By July 18, 2018Blog

[PHOTOS] Crystal Vortex LightBody Retreats


The first LightBody healing workshop was a stunning success!!

       Crystal Vortex LightBody Healing Retreat outing to the crystal mining stores

Combining learning practical tools for energy healing, spiritual growth and clarity of purpose with a beautiful natural location, a homey loving atmosphere and sacred sites and activities – was sweetened with a gathering of Soul sisters and brothers and tribe.

                                                                 Crystal gathering


Over the next week or so I’ll share stories, photos, and insights from this last week in the Crystal vortex of Hot Springs Arkansas.

                                                                    Delicious lunches

And yes we are going back again!!! Those details will be ready on Monday! (so many of you wanted to come on this retreat but didn’t have enough time to plan so this time we’re going to give you plenty of time to plan because it is absolutely worth while).

                                               Practicing heart to heart Infinity Light Weaving


                                                                     Crystal Lake purification

Sending the Crystalline consciousness of one heart to you from mother Earth’s internal crystalline system of communication and amplification. Enjoy!

                               Akasha cleansing students at the start of the day


                                                Crystal Island Atlantis Attunement


One heart,

Fairy Godmother of Light, Love and LightBody

                            Crystal lake activation day


PS LightBody School is for every human who is ready to

– Remember who you are and how to restore to optimal health – mentally, physically, emotionally…

– Understand how energy, thought and creation work so you can manifest the life your Soul intended…

– Expand and develop your intuitive and psychic gifts, and your ability to communicate with your higher selves and subtle realms (elementals, Angels, nature)…

Just go here to see more