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[Photos] Crystals Awakening Peace in the Earth

By July 23, 2018September 27th, 2018Blog

Hello beautiful!

Today I’m sharing more vibrationally healing, powerful pictures from the LightBody Healing Crystal Vortex retreat last week.

Crystals I found or that found me at the LightBody Healing Crystals Vortex Retreat in Hot Springs Arkansas


The location has inspired peace across the ages. It is vibrant with nature and life, including gorgeous trees and lakes and hills that were a sacred land of PEACE for native Americans.

Dancing On one of our boats on Crystal Lake


Indigenous tribes across the Americas would travel here, drawn to the natural beauty and the power of the Crystal vortex in the land. They would leave their weapons as they entered with the wise grandmothers of the tribes, who would be the guardians. We awakened and welcomed them once again to show us how to live in peace together, as one.

Our portal for The Crystal Island Attunement made from Crystals found on the island


You can feel the powerful energies from the largest underground crystal Caves on planet earth.

The crystals are popping up out of the ground, wanting to connect.  We got to learn and practice LightBody healing in this amazing vortex that amplified our healing and releasing.

Group morning cleansing and LightBody Activation


Pippa talking to a wise Crystal


We swam, meditated and purified ourselves in Crystal infused waters.

Purifying in the Lake Ouchita – with a Crystal vein at the bottom of the lake


We even used Crystal Clay to open our third eye when we did the attunement on Crystal island to connect the crystals in Atlantis to the ones in the ground in Arkansas.

One of our Boats on Crystal Lake had a Copper Healing Pyramid on it!


This is sacred work both for ourselves and for the planet and for the future. What a joy it is to follow my mission to activate the magic in the land wherever I go.
Crystal love,

Fairy Godmother of light, love, lightbody

The next sacred sites and Healing waters Retreat is in September over the equinox with pyramids and a third eye awakening


Join our tribe of light bearers as we activate the magic, awaken the wisdom and reconnect the one heart around the world in the sacred experiences.