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Full Moon 3rd Eye Crystal Consciousness

By July 31, 2018Blog

The first of three live LightBody Experiences for this special time of the
“Awaken Your New Crystalline Consciousness (3rd Eye) & Soul Blueprint”.

It was delicious as we began the journey in the energies right now, a mix of mercury retrograde, the full blood moon, the full lunar eclipse and the Mayan new year!

We met traveled to the crystalline grid, the light grid around the earth, to assist us in our evolution to Light. The Black Star Jaguar was our Sacred Spirit Guide to Awaken and Prepare the Pineal/3rd Eye for this beautiful reunion…

Just go >here< to listen now!

Join me and your Soul tribe and UNCOVER Your SOUL PURPOSE thru Awakening Your Inner Eye & Heart… Come on a Vision Quest with the Mayan Black Star Jaguar Spirit Guide.

Get the Super SPECIAL til August 15th, 2018  SAVE $1000!

“When I saw this retreat – it jumped out at me –
and the whole experience of it is just incredible.
Nobody can take away the experience, it is so rich,
it is totally worth it.

I wanted support in my purpose and now I am ready
to move into it, with more acceptance, clarity and trust”

– Denise Ray Austin, Texas

Isn’t it time to realized your Soul’s True Purpose?