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BL04-07 Awaken Your New Crystalline Consciousness (3rd Eye) & Soul Blueprint

By August 1, 2018August 6th, 2018Podcast

Communicate with your higher selves or spirit guides with more ease. You may receive visions, clearings and more… so why not get ready by activating your 3rd eye – pineal gland, and awakening your crystalline consciousness.

Crystalline consciousness is what we are evolving into. It is light, love and a fully aware and activated LightBody.

The first 2 activations take your LightBody through this stargate and inner eye and reawaken the heart-Mind-Eye Connection.

This is a series designed to reap the powers of the gateway to prepare for the Equinox in September. Then join us for the Epic Equinox Vision Quest & 3rd Eye Activation here