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BL04-08 [Your Purpose] Message from Black Star Jaguar

By August 2, 2018August 6th, 2018Podcast

The power of your purpose awaits….

“Your purpose is written in your Soul, your cells and in the stars… What was hidden is now revealed. I amplify your light so you can follow your purpose… even in doubt, through any darkness”

“Amplify Your Ability to ‘Follow Your Purpose in the Dark’ with the Black Star Jaguar Spirit Guide”  

She will guide you deeper towards your purpose. The opening right now with full moon, eclipse, Mayan new year, many retrogrades… is your power awaits…. Only you can claim it though.

Ready? Come journey with us…

Remember: These calls will allow you to communicate with your higher selves or spirit guides with more ease. You may receive visions, clearings and start to get ready by activating your 3rd eye – pineal gland, and awakening your crystalline consciousness.

We are paving your path to your next level of your soul purpose to be revealed at the Equinox Vision Quest.

Light your way from within…

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