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Develop Your Intuitive Communication Skills

By August 27, 2018Blog

You know you are intuitive… you know you have way more to you than meets the eye…

You have thought about or have tried to develop your Intuitive Communication Skills.

You know you need to go deeper… sharpen your inner vision, increase the speed and clarity of your inner guidance, get so good you TRUST your inner authority above all else!

Everyone has these, but few have understood or developed them.

Now is the time… the time to pay attention to your Soul Skills and develop them consciously. You see, the world is waiting for us to get back our spiritual strength.

The cosmos is waiting for us to reclaim our ability to communicate on many dimensions, in many light languages… to vision again with confidence and skill.

We are being called by the highest level of love to please, please awaken your inner eye!

Please turn on the generator in your heart so we can see you, talk to you, guide you, adventure and have fun with you!

It is now the time that you MUST be able to talk to your bodies, plants and animals, with elements like water and air and yes, your past lives, higher selves, lost parts of you and then to angels, ascended masters and way beyond.

Being able to receive visions is a natural talent everyone has, yet needs to be awakened, developed and activated.

How your skills grow is different for everyone, so be compassionate with yourself, and nurture yourself along the path of developing these essential gifts without frustration or self judgement.

If you are new to receiving communication outside of the normal 3-D ways (talking, reading, touching etc.) of any kind, you start by working with whatever way you naturally receive information now. Inner feelings, sensations in the body, seeing colors, or a sense of “knowing”, or guidance through signs, like seeing the same symbol or numbers like 11:11 or 222 over and over. Be kind to yourself if it takes time and practice to begin to receive visions. It took me years.

If you have practiced meditation, remote viewing, astral travel, shamanic journeying, mind control or other forms of conscious presence or energy mastery, then you know there is always another level to take your skills to. You know that your life is a reflection of your inner abilities to communicate to energy in all realms.

Your inner desire to awaken and sharpen your visioning skills is key to accelerating your…

Please go here to read the rest (whole blog) and discover how to Experience a powerful VISION. Leave me a comment, question or even an experience in the comments!


Fairy Godmother

PS Your inner desire to awaken and sharpen your visioning skills is key to accelerating your spiritual development, living your purpose and being happy, wealthy, healthy or fulfilled.

It’s time to know who you are and how you work.

This opening and awakening is a part of your spiritual path and soul purpose. It will lead to your dreams coming true.

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