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Freedom – You are SO gifted

By August 27, 2018Blog

Learn to VISION.

Visualization is like kindergarten for a light being like you. But it needs to be developed, soon.

I created the LightBody School to free each person on this planet from pain, fear and lack by helping them to awaken this knowing of who they are and their natural skills of vision.

You may be like me, I spent much of my first 30 years trying to be good enough.

Ever noticed it’s exhausting trying to please everyone?

Even though my constant overachieving gained me many skills and successes, I still never felt like I was good enough. Decades of putting other people’s opinions ahead of my own made it challenging to let go of “the good opinion of others” and trust my own inner voice.

When I unlocked my inner eye and awakened my higher senses, an entire other world opened up!

The more I traveled the etheric planes and celestial worlds, the more I valued my own knowledge, experiences and talents. The more tthe needto please others or live up to expectations that no longer lifted me up, faded.

The more my abilities to see, feel, hear and sense energies on many dimensions increased, the faster the old energetic attachments that tied me to other people’s opinions dissolved.

Developing your ability to sense and direct energy gives you powers beyond imagining.

Awakening my natural intuitive, psychic, and sensory abilities, while discovering my true Soul purpose changed my life dramatically. I traveled the world studying and practicing, teaching and creating… i was driven from deep in my heart to understand and see energies, and live from inner guidance.

That is why I am dedicated to teach these energy essentials to all who are awakening or ready to activate their spiritual skills. You can learn these or work with me or come to a retreat… all of these experiences and tools are priceless!

“I knew I was meant to come, 100%… but I had no idea!
How do I explain what happened at this LightBody Healing
retreat to someone who wasn’t here? It’s impossible!
It’s a miracle! Almost 40 years of trying to change this pattern,
Trying everything I could… and in 3 days -GONE FOREVER!
I am not kidding! Just GONE!”

Diana Freitas, Toronto, Canada

It does not matter if your age is 3 or 99…

Yes! You can change situations, relationships and environments once you awaken your soul skills. You can trust your decisions because you are connected to your highest self, your truth and what is “optimal for you”.

True freedom is an awakened and attuned Lightbody – one that is aligned to your highest good and Soul Signature Frequency.

Freedom means you know how to test what is best for you, move any form of energy that is keeping you stuck and no longer needed to rely on other people’s opinions or agendas.

Go here to read the whole blog and discover how to Experience a powerful VISION

If you listen to the calling and take steps to develop your inner vision, your life will shift dramatically and you will be back in the driver’s seat where you belong!


Fairy Godmother

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