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Ready for the next gate in your Soul’s quest?

By August 27, 2018Blog

You feel so ready for the next (star) gate in your soul’s quest to open…

Each person I speak to seems to have a similar feeling –

“I am SO READY for CHANGE!”…

Or clarity, or cashflow, or direction, or joy… especially purpose. 

The Equinox Vision Quest holds Powerful Possibilities to Purify and Embody Your Purpose

This is a key reason I am doing the “My Soul Purpose Vision Quest” journey… which reaches a KEY moment.

“Awakening the Lions Heart in Your Crystal LightBody”

We will be integrating the Cosmic Light Codes of Awakening during the 8-8 Gateway in preparation for the 8-11 solar eclipse and the Equinox in September!

Why is the Lions Gate important?
Every year on August 8th, there is a celestial alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is an opening of a cosmic portal from our 3-D physical world to the subtle-spiritual realms. When planet Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and Sirius, we will be prepared from the first 2 activations to take our LightBodies through this stargate and inner eye and reawaken the heart-Mind-Eye Connection.

This is a series I designed to reap the powers of the gateway to prepare for the Equinox in September. 

Take a serious look at joining us for the Epic Equinox Vision Quest & 3rd Eye Activation here, this is an opportunity to quantum leap our spiritual growth, healing and aligning with your purpose. It will never happen again, now is the time to say yes to the quest your Soul has called you on…

ALL NEW for the Equinox retreat! RECEIVE THE “SOUL STAR AWAKENING” LIGHTBODY HEALING PROCESS along with pyramids, Shaman ceremonies, private access to sacred sites…


  • The 5 Star Tetrahedron Chakra Gate Activation
  • The Atlantean Wand Awakening Process
  • The Crystalline Consciousness Frequency 5 Chakra Imprinting and Attunement Several Activations for 3rd EYE opening, and A Guided Vision Quest .
  • RE-OPEN Your Soul Purpose through Awakening your ability to vision, receive and send messages to subtle realms, through your time/space continuum and communicate with more of your 360 senses

All of these free experiences are to share with the world. Please use them to raise Your Wealth Vibration & Free Your Soul while experiencing the newest energy tools from

Gratitude, from my heart to yours –


Fairy Godmother

3 LIVE LightBody Journeys with Black Jaguar Spirit Guide, the New Cosmic Lions Gate Codes & Gaia’s Crystal Heart

August is Vision Quest Month! All New – 3 Vision Quests
100% free for you to enjoy from your home.

1 – GO HERE for “Awaken Your New Crystalline Consciousness (3rd Eye) & Soul Blueprint” 
Crystalline consciousness is what we are evolving into. It is light, love and a fully aware and activated LightBody.

2 – GO HERE for “Amplify Your Ability to ‘Follow Your Purpose in the Dark’ with the Black Star Jaguar Spirit Guide” 

These first 2 activations take your LightBody through this stargate and inner eye and reawaken the heart-Mind-Eye Connection so you are ready for 8-8 and beyond…