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Soul travel – experience a powerful vision

By August 27, 2018Blog

Ever experience Soul Travel?

Soul travel combines the amazing elements of deep Soul work with sacred sites and ceremonies. 

This activates your DNA and you help the planet awaken as well.

Experience a powerful VISION. 

Immersing yourself in the right combination of energies will accelerate your skills, and gift you with miraculous expansive experiences, even if you have not developed your visioning skills. An immersion experience creates deep change that lasts.

I created a way to experience spiritual breakthroughs, personal healings, receive visions, and connection to your light guides, and access your Soul’s blueprint and so much more with BlissLife Retreats Soul Travel.

BlissLife retreats combine

  • extraordinary, private access and experiences
  • sacred sites
  • native shamans
  • light technology
  • ancient ceremonies
  • LightBody Healing
  • sensorial experiences
  • Turquoise caribbean sea
  • crystal pure waters of “cenotes” – underground waters
  • sound healing and playing with and doing healing with dolphins and manatees in the ocean.

Each is created to open you to a new level of connection with your Soul skills, inner knowing and ability to receive visions, guidance and healing.

This fall equinox (September 21-26), BlissLife Retreats Soul Travel goes on aVISION QUEST with the Black Star Jaguar spirit guide.

The entire focus is to SEE THROUGH ANY DARK (shadows, blocks, fears…). Get answers to your deep burning questions (who am I, why did this happen, what do I do next…), heal and open places within you long dormant, and see the gift in the pain and let go of the rest.

Please practice, develop and use these amazing Divine gifts you have, of being able to VISION. Please go to the ‘energy gym” daily and get into “shape” so you can follow your truth no matter what’s going on. Practice trusting your inner and higher self and create a safe and powerful bond.

Everything you desire, from being loved, finding your soulmate, making more money, changing your health, or figuring out what you really want to do…

All of it lies waiting for you through the portal of your inner eye and your heart center.

“I’VE BEEN ON MANY RETREATS, But this is unlike any thing I have ever Experienced. I’ll be enjoying these shifts for awhile to come”

-Linda McGeary

First open your heart a little in our ancient Mayan cacao Ceremony instemple of the chakras…

Then awaken your inner eye,light technology opens your 3rd eye and Jaguar awakens your ability to see in the dark.

Watch the video, experience the vision quest, ask for clear guidance and travel with your soul.

Join this epic equiox experience… talk to me about how to make it a reality.

Go here to read the whole blog and discover how to Experience a powerful VISION.


Fairy Godmother

with Black Star Jaguar & Akasha