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Our very own code breaker

By August 31, 2018Blog

There is a calling from the ancestors that is felt across the planet. Now is a time that has been talked about forever.

“After hearing my family and my people talk about this moment in time for my whole life, I am now feeling the importance of this time. It is a VERY important moment right now.”

I am interested in this ceremony with you because I have listened to the land and the Jaguar. This is more intense than I expected and it is important to come together for this….”

It is a true honor and blessing to have Cristian, our Aztec Jaguar Guide for the September equinox retreat, join us and bring this authentic connection to Ancient Wisdom.

In fact, we are both talking to the land, the sacred sites, and the Jaguar Spirit to prepare an exceptional equinox experience. We’ve been in dream time and ceremony to listen to what is ideal for us at this time.

“I started to dance (ancient Aztec ancestral spiritual ceremonial dances) when I was about 9 years old. I felt the energies of my ancestors and could feel into what my family and father was doing…”

Cristian is following his ancestor’s path and being a bridge for those who are awakening at this time back to our truth.

Cristian is from an Aztec family of healers and traditional ceremonies. He’s deeply tuned into this moment in time, to the land, the symbols, the numbers, and every nuance of these ancient sites.

It’s almost like having our own code breaker here to help receive it interpret is important messages for all of us.

If you’re drawn to this VisionQuest then this is the moment for you to take a step.

We invite you with open hearts, open arms, and open minds to come together in a sacred ceremony.

Join us >here<.

I’m Honored to welcome you back into your spiritual tribe. You are ready to know the true purpose and true magnificence of who you are.

Come and open the treasure chest that is you at the equinox black star JaguarVisionQuest.

Love, love, love,