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Pitfalls of Knowing Your Purpose

By September 6, 2018Blog

Do you really want to know your Soul’s Purpose?

It means you are kind of obligated to then follow it… and that is often the pickle.

It sounds sexy and exciting to find your Soul purpose.

There is a sense that everything will be fine once that happens. Once you know what it is, then you will be clear, know what to do, and have all the success and happiness in the world.


Well… the reality is a little different…

On the way to discovering the deep, profound reasons you are here and what you are meant to do, and become, there is struggle.

And uncertainty.

It’s not only finding out what your Soul’s intention is for this life… it’s then changing your life once you know, to align with it.

That usually means BIG CHANGE.

That means deconstruction of things in your life that do not match.

That means resistance.

No worries. Your true purpose can never go far.



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