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Welcome to the Ancient Mayan Ceremonial Cave

By September 11, 2018Blog

Yesterday was a powerful day – both the New Moon AND the 9-9 portal.

In preparation for the BlissLife Equinox Vision Quest Retreat, I am visiting the sacred sites, blessing and talking to the land, spirits and aligning the elements for the best possible experience.

Really what it means is… my life is a dream a lot. I get to do things I never thought possible, and I am on my spiritual mission and helping the planet and my peeps at the same time.


This weekend I spent going to sacred land and an Ancient Mayan ceremonial cave to prepare for our retreat opening Jaguar Shaman Ceremony (the theme is a vision quest with the lack Star Jaguar, a revered spirit guide for the ancients).

It is so healing and amazing to spend time with people called to this depth of spiritual work, and so in alignment with their traditions, ancient wisdom and culture (Mayan and Aztec).

Enjoy this peek at me and my ceremonial team – (shaman/cacao ceremony/musicians/spiritual dancers) as we spend time connecting, meditating, communicating and asking permission from the land to welcome our group.

When I came home last night I was in a blissful altered state, and the visions I received at the ceremonial cave, kept going for almost 15 hours…

Wow, wow, wow.

In Lak’ech Ala Kin (We are One – Mayan),


PS  I hope you had a powerful and healing New Moon/9-9 Portal yesterday. Remember those energies linger for days…

9-9: What that means is yesterday was the 9th day of the 9th month = 9-9. That makes it a doorway, the two numbers creating the frame.

9 also means completion, of something in your life – mentally, karmically, emotionally, relationship-wise, or physically…

9 + 9 = 18. 1 + 8 = 9. So ‘9-9’ = 9 in numerology… meaning it equals itself. So it’s like a coming home or full circle to you, your true self.

Yet, remember you are on a spiral, that ascends, so you may “return” to you, but you come back at a new, higher vibrational rate and level of consciousness and skill than before.

Enjoy the returning home to yourself and take a good long look at you.

You are brilliant!!

PPS If you feel called to the BlissLife Equinox Retreat, please contact me ASAP. This is a powerful experience that those called know it and miracles happen every day to make the way for them to come. If that is you, the doors will open.