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Big hugs from the womb of Gaia!

By September 14, 2018September 27th, 2018Blog

My ride arrived… Yes – that’s Michelle (our BlissLife Retreat’s Cacao Ceremony goddess) picking me up for a fun ride before we got serious…

We went on a sacred pilgrimage to a private cenote (“sacred well” in Mayan. Pure underground water caves) to prepare for the BlissLife retreats Equinox Vision Quest.

The land here is incredibly powerful. It is Ancient Atlantean seabed and holds girls and memoirs and ancient wisdom. It can heal, yet if you do not prepare, respect and ask for permission, it can be too much.

It is a delicious sacred “duty” that I enjoy immensely. Nearly every day for 2 weeks before each retreat, I go to the sites, waters, and land to bless, gift and receive Divine guidance.

This cenote, both Ancient and dedicated to Mother Mary, is small, round like a womb and purifying.

We will be here in a sacred private ceremony before the heart openiCacaocoa ceremony, in one week- the opening day of the Vision Quest for Soul purpose.

We start with healing, opening and renewing the heart, so all visions and Healings that occur come through the heart.

Healing Love,


PS One shot left for next week… Or plan now for the March Equinox 2019 Awakening the Magician Within