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Meditation on the Top of Coba the tallest Mayan pyramid

By October 2, 2018October 9th, 2018Blog

Bountiful blessings!

I am walking on air – mostly because of the recent BlissLife Equinox Vision Quest Retreat… it was beyond the beyond and beyond that!



(So watch over the next week as I share photos and memories and stories of ecstatic joy and fears faced, Soul family reunited and stunning deep powerful magic)…



AND I am filled with delight and bliss and wonder because TODAY is my 2 year anniversary of living internationally… a true BlissLife!



Yes! 2 years ago today I boarded a plane for Caribbean Mexico for a wedding, with plans to stay a few months and then go to Thailand, Spain, Greece…



I am still here, madly in love with my life, this magical place and the amazing people I continue to meet.



For decades I dreamed of doing a new level of deep transformational Spiritual retreats in sacred places… like before but overflowing with enlightening experiences, healing love and multidimensional vibrational healing tools.


As dawn breaks over the Jungle, we enter a portal to out Soul purpose and climb the pyramid at Coba

I landed here and doors opened, shamans appeared, and I began to activate the magic as the trees in the redwoods told me to do.

BlissLife Retreats was born.

We just completed the 4th equinox vision quest – and it was powerful beyond words! The 5th Equinox retreat is about Abundance, Manifesting and Reclaiming your Magic and it is March 18-23, 2019. We will begin enrollment next week with the best price and 5 month payment plans, so if you have been called to come with us, this is the time to connect and make it happen!

Activation to of Pyramid at Coba: Inside the 3rd eye Portal, in front of the Temple of the Descending God


These are photos from our final day at the top of the tallest Mayan pyramid Coba, at dawn, just our group. The final activation was mindblowing as a multidimensional portal opened around the pyramid and we were reunited with our Soul’s purpose!


Akasha channeling the Soul Star Activation to of Coba Pyramid

It was only us in this sacred place, along with the mist in the jungle and dozens of starlings light weaving above our heads and doing sound healing on our crown chakras! (See the video where you can hear them on the blog ).

Be love,

Akasha, CHT, Dhom, MM, KM, GM, LBHP
Fairy Godmother of Light and Transformation


PS Here is where you can see more about the previous >equinox Mayan Magic retreats<, and in a few days we will have the information for March 2019 up… we will be going to the Pyramid of the Magician!!! (Built in one day) – imagine the manifesting magic you can access….