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New Moon Vision Quest Sunday

By October 5, 2018Blog

I am living in a mystery, like a movie, that keeps unfolding in a never-ending fractal of joy and discovery.



I am an explorer… and so living in a magical land full of Mayan pyramids, sacred sites, waters, caves and people, is like a happy dream to me.


The equinox BlissLife Retreat Jaguar vision quest was stunning, you can see some more photos here of us at Ek Balam -the Star Jaguar site, in front of the Jaguar Altar, all alone, just our group, at dawn, doing a powerful vision quest into our shadow selves.


Some of us headed down to the gorgeous Cenote To swim and play in the Crystal sure waters

People saw their shadow sides, reclaimed themselves and the journeyed further, some seeing their ancient Atlantean lifetimes, and reconnecting to their wisdom.



This kind of spiritual adventure, with ceremony and energy healing, is so powerful, that the common comment is “I am a completely new person”… 

Leaving our past and our pains with the sacred Mayan tree of life the Ceiba tree, who holds us in pure love and compassion

Or as one woman said, “I can say, I am transformed… and really own it and know it is true!”

Some brave souls made it to the top of the sacred Jaguar pyramid

Sunday is the new moon, and the adventure in my own spiritual path continues to call me forward, into what is unfolding for March 2019 equinox.

I am going to the ancient Mayan site of Uxmal, in the Yucatan. We will be staying overnight and going to a night light show, all to prepare for spring.

I will do my best to live stream from this site and where we will be staying close to the pyramids. I am already dreaming, flying and remembering ancient magic…

Set your Soul free… travel daily,

Love and magic,