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Abundance Awakening – Live BlissLife podcasts + new moon

By October 8, 2018October 9th, 2018Blog

Please join me for An Abundance Awakening over this next week, starting with today at noon central here >LIVE STREAM<.

We will kick off the next 6 months leading to the spring equinox, in March 2019 when we will have an Abundance & Psychic Awakening Quest and ceremonies at sacred sites and breakthrough to very high frequencies of love.

It is exciting because this weekend is the New moon, so please join me as I take an actual, physical journey starting on Sunday at 3:30 am – Oct 7 & 8 to the ancient Mayan site of Uxmal, and the Pyramid of the Magician (or foreteller – truthseer).We will have time at night and day and also visit nearby cenotes (sacred water wells you can swim and heal in) and other ancient power vortexes and sites.

I always go to sites many times before a retreat, talk to the spirits and powers, prepare and communicate with the ancestors, land and magic.

I want to discover the perfect next best step is for us to increase our light quotient and Live the Light. This journey is my life, my mission and sacred because it is for all of us, as we go through this important time, awaken and become light, as graciously and lovingly as possible.

It begins with this email – so tune in now…

  1. Today Saturday Oct 6 @ noon central LiveStream on my facebook page“An Abundance Awakening”
  2. New moon Livestream sometime on Sunday October 7th live from Uxmal or nearby…
  3. Manifesting Magic Livestream sometime on Monday October 8th live from Uxmal or another sacred site, as we follow the magical guidance…
  4. Livestream “Awakening Ancient Abundance Magic” – Wednesday October 10th live  3pm Central


Uxmal- I’ve been flying around this site in my visions, feeling the power of the elements.

“An Abundance Awakening” – what does that mean?

Yes it means you create your reality with more consciousness and ease, more money or clients, or opportunities or love… and it means a whole lot more…

We are Divine beings of light, occupying a physical body, made of light, vibrating at a specific rate or speed.

LightBody Work Allows us to go deeper and change from within, in a loving space

When we raise the vibration (or rate or speed) of our LightBodies (mental, emotional, spiritual…) we live in a different reality, we see and understand things we could not before. Awareness of the rich and limitless abundance becomes a reality. Inner understanding dawns… BUT – yes BUT… it is NOT what you think, or HOW you think… so you are blocking our abundance, from a lack of understanding, and attachments to past programs.

Great news! ALL this is transmutable, with the right change in frequency – throughout your LightBody.

Life is Blissful and struggles may exist, but they no longer are painful or in control.

Dolphin Healing Experience – they Align us with our Happy Vibe and Abundance

Abundance is the field you live in, are made of and create every breath and every thing in your life from. You have access, yet have created blocks within to keep you from remembering it.

You have limited yourself on purpose. Now the journey is to discover, dissolve and redesign the energy blocks into strength and energy portals, that match WHAT IS OPTIMAL FOR YOU AT THIS TIME.


Next March equinox we will take our newly awakened powers of inner VISION to the next level.  Activate the Magic wherever we go… activate your inner eye, crown, and Soul Star and travel, fly, interdimensionally, remember our powers of alchemy – transforming anything into light.

BlissLife FREE episodes: Living in Magic – my podcast has become where I am releasing almost all of my free content.  It is PACKED with powerful and practical process, insights and tools. You are already set up to receive notices of what I am up to… just be sure to open the emails, and please share by forwarding this email to someone you love!

Magic is in the bliss state…

Love, always,

Your Fairy Godmother of Light


PS I will be doing my best to do these live on site videos on Facebook live, then releasing the video to you here, however if I do not have internet because we are remote, or the energies are high, I will have to send the video later.

Tune into the magic of these sacred places, breath in the ancient codes that your Soul will remember… yum!