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New Moon Magic in the MayaLand

By October 9, 2018Blog

Beautiful blessings!

This new moon journey has been delightful, powerful and magical.

Today we went to the site of Kabah in Yucatan.

It was an incredibly transcendent experience.

a truly transcendent new moon experience at Kabah- and more came to meditate with us

From the beautiful site filled with ancient masks and magical symbols…

To the thousands of bees, everywhere in the grass and in the site.

New moon morning Meditation at the Mayan site of Kabah by the wall of masks of Chaac rain god- ABUNDANCE

The humming was so gentle yet powerful it was like someone turning up the volume on your personal frequency.

By the time I sat to begin our meditation, we gently lifted from our bodies.

It felt as if we were surrounded in gold light and gentle puffballs or etheric bee pollen was coming into is and lightening us up.


Angels came to join us

There were so many light beings and Angels that came to us, and blissfully we got some photos of them!!

My crown chakra and all down my back kept opening and expanding…

Visions of symbols danced over my head and like liquid poured into my awareness.

This sacred site was transcendent! Angels and gold light, light brings all came to play

Ancient symbols of prosperity, nature, magic.. all began a union within me.

I became lighter and lighter, in every sense of the word. Expanding my mind, my body began to grow like a balloon.


Kabah BlissLife Destination March Equinox 2019

Here they are following Cristian (Aztec Jaguar ceremony) – across a lawn with 1000’s of bees!! The bees were humming so much we began to levitate–and thought it was a drone.

They were everywhere across the grass and in the ruins. They love the high frequency, from the pyramids and carvings we have been surrounded with.


This field was filled with bees- the humming was a vibration raiding cleanse. Light beings followed Cristian

We didn’t want to come back into our bodies or leave this amazing place. One lady was so moved and she remembered a life here and her loving connection to the land.


Cristian-and an eye of Chaac rain God mask

The land was powerful and sacred and we are so looking forward to coming back.

Enjoy your Bliss dreams,



“Multidimensional Fairy Godmother”
(Check out the temple on the left!!)

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