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Ancient Elemental Power

By October 12, 2018Blog

Magic is real

I’ve experienced miracles, ancient magic and supernatural dimensions… from Egypt to Atlantis

I haven’t seen magic and power like that from and around the Pyramid of the magician in a long time.

Here you can see it as we moved through the Mayan site of Uxmal on the eve of the new moon.

Watch as I move around the magically inscribed building and how the CLOUD above the pyramid in the distance forms and creates a vortex above it.

It looks just like a movie when supernatural energies are gathering over the top of a temple or something!

Not only is this place full of magic, symbols, secrets and beauty… It’s the site of our March Equinox retreat Abundance Activation – Awakening the Inner Seer.

Join the magic, fun and adventure and meet your Soul Tribe.

And get ready for the spiritual translation of your life!!

I’m ready,

Fairy Godmother of Transformation

PS the best prices and 5 month payment plan are available now. Talk to me and join the tribe on our calls starting this month!

Our Spirit guides who are already creating magic with us are jaguar, bee, frog, iguana and birds of all kinds including the flamingo!!

Stay tuned for Jennie’s with all of these magical beings and more…