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Journey to Joy

By October 22, 2018Blog

Immediately I went into the under and I so love my children and my so so love what I’m doing for other people I just want to continue doing that and working with the new guys that are there crystal super cool that we all have such a great time together manifesting itself when we went into the Buddhist meditation I was dressed in white and I had are you the one that this one been going as a child to okay I was thinking that but I thought well maybe I’m not remembering yeah well not really but yeah it seemed like well thank you for coming and thank you for trusting me it’s such a joy for me to be able to see you to see each of you and make your way here not for me but for yourself and like you said through your ups and downs and what you go through and when I stayed quiet and when I stepped up and say let’s talk right and I remember saying to you I’m not here to tell you what to do but I am responsible because you’ve been called then you told me that that I have to remind you of the calling and then it’s up to you to make that choice, yeah and so it’s you know we’re not here to do it alone and you aren’t alone and you’re especially not alone here thank you so much for wearing my favorite color this is like I know I had two or three shirts like that and I’d warm out I work every time I went onstage I had it every time and it was a really hot color for a while so you could find it easier not anymore. – Pippa



Joyful blessings,

What a true pleasure it is to do these BlissLife Retreats. Not only do we go to sacred places alone, do epic ceremonies, and sound heal in sacred waters, activate our 3rd eye, heal with dolphins, and massively transform…


I wanted to give to tiny peek into one woman’s journey.



I get to see the people who hear the call and are WILLING TO LISTEN… find there way here through a jungle of personal challenges.

I get to see them say yes, to themselves, get past fears about money, travel, leaving things to others at home for a week… and and then come and TRANSFORM COMPLETLY!



Come to enjoy a peek into Pippa’s journey to JOY!

When you listen to the deepest part of your heart, the journey is amazing a profound metamorphosis and awakening of the Soul, and freeing of pain and past.



Pamper your inner self, excite your inner child, awaken your true spiritual nature, reconnect to the wisest part of you, activate the ancient magic, heal your body, mind and spirit, and activate your BLISS…



Joyful love,

Your Fairy Godmother for a Joyful Life

PS Join us March 2019… talk to me now and see how the door will open for you, where there once were walls