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Ancient Abundance Activation: Sacred Symbols of Power and Vision of the Ancients

By October 24, 2018Blog

Let’s play!!

Let’s have fun and awaken your abundant nature with ancient symbols that hold codes to your purpose, powers and prosperity.


Symbols hold conscious powerful energy.


Symbols hold specific frequencies that can shift you from fear to love
, from unclear to the solution, from lack to abundance… even take you into other realms and altered states. They impact you every day, and the ancients understood the power and incorporated it into their daily life.


Mayan Glyph Altar @ Kabah


Maya glyphs, was the writing system of the Maya civilization 3rd century BCE. They held symbols, and layered meanings that tapped into energies that went beyond simple communication.The energy is still palpable when you are near them now, like when we go for BlissLife retreats to these power sites.

Magical energies emit from the Glyph altar at Kabah, Yucatan, Site of the Awakening the Magician within Retreat, March 2019


Michelle on the Glyph Altar during  our Activation – Angels came to heal her



Symbols are a visual patterns of specific vibrational frequencies. When you look at a yin/yang symbol, or the OM symbol – you may feel peace, oneness or love. When you look at a cross you may feel fear, or love… but you will most likely have a reaction and a meaning tied to it. They can shift you from one state to another quickly.




You are already the creator of your reality… you are already a magician… a Seer. You always have been. Symbols hold memories and trigger a remembering of your true Divine nature.



Symbols activate old pathways of power and wisdom needed now on the planet to bring us into oneness and the golden age.

Symbols awaken your Soul blueprint and parallel (past) life skills, and experiences. That means your level of consciousness goes up, giving you more clarity and connection to your higher self, that you can now create your life in a more conscious way.


Symbols activate old pathways of power and wisdom needed now on the planet to bring us into oneness and the golden age.


Symbols of the ancients hold power, in the physical, and other realms.

They hold secrets, codes, wisdom, information… to the conditioning and fears of family, society and past lives, and unlock your path to the abundant, happy life your Soul intended.

Join me tomorrow (see below for the call info) for a powerful abundance activation. It will be a magical experience.




PS We are on a journey to unlock the golden door to the field of abundance – from a vibrational and consciousness level. I know that your best chance of freeing yourself from the old fears, lack of self worth, income or happiness, can all be realigned to the correct frequencies, and you can be in the golden flow of abundance again.

Join me for the free series: 4 Ancient Abundance Activations

1 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Sacred Symbols of Power and Vision of the Ancients  >Replay Video Below<

2 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Reunion: Awaken Your Powers of Manifestation through Embracing Duality with the Dual Headed Jaguar (Spiral Light Antennae) October 24 @ Noon Central

3 – Ancient Abundance Activation:  The Golden Crown of Flames: Awakening the Sacred Frequency of Gold with the “Royal Lady” Bee October 30 @ Noon Central

4 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Alchemy, Abundance, Acceptance” Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician and The Chamber of the Awakened Seer November 7 @ 10:00AM Central

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