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Heal Your Pineal

By October 29, 2018October 31st, 2018Blog

A quick blog today about how to heal your pineal gland.

Below in the PS are the two replays of the full moon abundance activation and the sacred symbols abundance activation, be sure to enjoy them this weekend.

What does it mean to heal your pineal gland? Your pineal gland along with some other ones in your brain like the pituitary gland are your third eye.


Sacred sensorial Cacao Ceremony; The plant medicine from the Cacao plant not only opens your heart but also awakens your pineal gland


It would take a very long time to emphasize how important this is to your life‘s purpose, happiness, and abundance. Our pineal gland is our spiritual eyes it is our connection to source in two or higher self, it is our place of inspiration and vision and manifestation.



Watching the rising or setting sun will help to clear and open your pineal gland


When this is turned to stone, you literally are not able to have inner vision you’re not able to expand and connect to higher realms or talk to angels or get inner guidance or have vision for your life.

Here is an interesting article about how fluoride literally turns your pineal gland to Stone. Do your best to avoid fluoride and do many other things to activate open and decalcify your pineal gland.


Playing and healing with high vibrational beings Like dolphins opens and activates your pineal gland


In LightBody School and on the BlissLife retreats we do deep work, we use Light technology, energy healing, essences, and many, many more things to continuously open and activate the pineal gland.

Enjoy this and think about how you can begin to love and nurture your inner “seat of the soul” (pineal gland). It’s the portal to your happiness and living your purpose.



Your fairy godmother of inner vision





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3 – Ancient Abundance Activation:  The Golden Crown of Flames: Awakening the Sacred Frequency of Gold with the “Royal Lady” Bee October 30 @ Noon Central

4 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Alchemy, Abundance, Acceptance” Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician and The Chamber of the Awakened Seer
November 7 @ 10:00AM Central