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The veil is thinner than ever – ALL THE TIME

By November 1, 2018Blog

Bright blessings!

The veil is thinner than ever- and not just right now!

Yes, this week we get to experience a few days where it’s easier to see, feel and communicate with the subtle or higher realms.

My day of the dead altar for my daughter Jordan Anne


I love it being able to enjoy more closeness with my daughter Jordan who died 23 years ago. It’s fun and also healing to get to feel your loved ones who have moved on and to have dinner with your Angels and to get messages from your higher self and beyond…

BlissLife retreats: During a spontaneous Group Past Life experience, I began to Clearing and Cleanse this Ancient Temple and Spiritual School at the Mayan site of Coba. Someone with a real camera took this – in a series of photos it goes from no light orbs to 2, 4, 6 – below our feet and above our heads and then suddenly, in one photo this flash of PINK light!


Let’s get real… The veil is not just thinner right now over the Day of the Dead/Halloween/Samhain time- it’s happening daily more and more.

I do spiritual, LightBody and energy work daily. I teach how to see, sense and direct energies for healing, manifesting and spiritual growth in my LightBody School and my BlissLife retreats.

I communicate with ascended masters, nature spirits and more and show my students and clients how to live a multidimensional life, dissolve their blocks and the into their Soul signature frequency.

BlissLife Retreats: Gold Light, angels and light beings joined us at the Mayan site of Kabah in the Yucatan as we meditated and transcended

BlissLife Retreats: Gold Light, angels and light beings joined us at the Mayan site of Kabah in the Yucatan as we meditated and transcended

So for me and my tribe it is not unusual to see light beings when we activate our LightBody  They appear in our homes, at sacred places and ancient sites. They guide us, reveal secrets to our life purpose and send messages of love and healing.

This one was sent to me by a LightBody School student who has dramatically changed her life and shave with this work. Watch the light being fly across the room!

A LightBody School student had a Light Visitor at 2:30 am while taking a photo of her halloween decorations. “My iphone sense movement just before the flash and switched to a Live photo – you can see the light being go across the screen. A psychic friend says she sees a Boy behind the light!


Are you interested in knowing more about your multidimensional nature?

Are you ready to uncover the truth about who you are, so you can live guided by your heart and supported by these loving unseen realms?

Let me show you how to access them!

1- Come to BlissLife Retreats Equinox pyramid Abundance at the Pyramid of the Magician
2- Join LightBody School– learn Infinity Light Weaving or do the energy Essentials Facilitator Program or Start with Infinity Light Weaving, powerful and easy!
3 – Work with me privately
4 – Listen to my  BlissLife podcast with free activations!
5- Join my online community

Contact us now and let’s discuss what is the next best step for you to live the life of your dreams.

Let your life reveal itself!



PS The veil is thinning, the cosmos is awakening and the earth is ascending.

You are too, ready or not!!

Enjoy these Abundance Activations – they will help you access the higher realms and realign with your true flow of life force and then you can create the life your Soul intended!

1 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Sacred Symbols of Power and Vision of the Ancients >Replay Here<

2 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Reunion: Awaken Your Powers of Manifestation through Embracing Duality with the Dual Headed Jaguar (Spiral Light Antennae) >Replay Here<

3 – Ancient Abundance Activation:  The Golden Crown of Flames: Awakening the Sacred Frequency of Gold with the “Royal Lady” Bee  Replay Coming Soon

4 – Ancient Abundance Activation: Alchemy, Abundance, Acceptance” Journey to the Pyramid of the Magician and The Chamber of the Awakened Seer
November 7 @ 10:00AM Central