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Keep speaking the truth – 11:11 Activation

By November 9, 2018Blog

I was so moved by this graphic below (not sure who is to credit, thanks!)- that I wrote the blog post… and then it inspired me to do a Facebook Livestream on Sunday 11:11. Please join me.


“The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth of the people who are living a life. Keep speaking the truth.”

Sunday 11-11 at 11am Eastern I will be >>here << on my personal facebook page for a deep experience and blessing on this topic.

The only people who don’t like you living and speaking your truth… and being happy… are those who are NOT happy, or living the life they want, or speaking their truth..

STOP Letting ANYONE else decide how much joy, expression or uniqueness you accept within yourself and EXPRESS…

YOU came here to BE YOU…. YOU Came here to be the fullest, biggest, TOO MUCH YOU you can, and if you hold back for ANYONE else, you are NOT living your FULL PURPOSE.

WE cannot create the Earth of Golden Oneness, fun, joy, happiness, creativity, love, and expand the vistas of the human possibilities if most people are still caught up, tied down, shackled, stuck, or fearful of being, accepting and expressing.

YOU would NOT be here if you had no VALUE!

YOU would not be here if you were not good ENOUGH!

YOU would not be here if you did not have a KEY ROLE to play in the evolution…

The longer you wait for anyone…


YOU are vitally important….

However, NOT because you pleased your dad, teachers, or friends.

NOT because you suffered a lot, or never asked for what you wanted and worked 80 hours and week, never taking time for yourself (because you were told it was selfish to spend money, time or love on yourself…).

YOU are vital and a key piece of the puzzle for the shifts to Unity on earth NOT because you follow all the rules, didn’t run any red lights, paid all your bills on time and didn’t embarrass your family…

Your VALUE has NEVER BEEN from how much you fit in, achieved, accumulated, made $, or look like a fake magazine model or married the ‘right ‘ person…

YOU are VALUABLE for the EXACT reasons you are different and unique. Most likely for the reasons you hold yourself back and don’t believe you are good enough to have, be or do what you really want.

If you do not ACCEPT Yourself… and then dive into BEING WHO YOU ARE YOU as fully as possible, you are cheating yourself, your Soul and all of us. YOu are not serving by playing small, you are holding us all back.

You don’t deserve to have a happy fulfilling life, you are here to EPICALLY CREATE ONE… no deserving, or being good enough for working hard enough, or being skinny, fit or rich enough…

You need to RISE to the heights you are capable of (even if you don’t know or believe it yet yourself… you cannot rise when you are tied down and burdened with shame, blame, guilt hate, disappointment or craving – you are carrying ten ton weights energetically!

You must accept it is time to love to the depths of your being… so much deeper then you have dared to go!

You are designed for things none of us can do, or imagine, or create… only you can do it, only you can allow it out, only you can choose to no longer hold it in.

Be free! Express who you are! Fall down, get up! Try something different, and stop worrying about being good, being embarrassed or being the best… NONE of that matters and never did…

Turn in the fleeting and painful life of struggle and ACCEPT and EXPRESS YOURSELF FULL OUT NOW.


All my love,

Akasha, CHT, DHom, MM, KM, LBHP
Fairy Godmother