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A Snippet of Crystal Wisdom

By January 9, 2019Blog


Do you feel called by crystals?

Whether it is a new stirring or an old familiar way of life… the crystals in the earth – are waking up and calling to us.

I have been fascinated by crystals sinceI first got on my spiritual path – almost 29 years ago.

Crystals are a part of Gaia, and as a living being that makes it part of her body.


Crystals from Hot Springs Arkansas LightBody Healing Retreat 2018



They have been around for a LONG Time, and have become so beautiful and powerful through heat, pressure and time…

They are a part of the “Rock People” in some Native cultures and have great wisdom due to all they have ‘witnessed” over time, like an old medicine woman or sage leader.

Naica Crystal Mine Mexico



Here is a snippet of wisdom from the Quartz Crystal Kingdom:

“Clarity comes with experience.

Power comes from letting go of what you spend your energy on and being present to what is happening in this moment. We (the crystal kingdom) metamorphose because we go through all form of experiences. We were not always a clear, beautiful crystal… we were just random elements and transformed through what you might call “hard times”.

If we had refused to accept what was happening, because  we didn’t understand and be in the moment of the experience, the ‘perfect imperfection’ of who we are now would never have come to be. We had to keep letting go and allow the becoming.

Ready to become your crystal clear, beautiful, unique, high frequency self too?

To become your crystal clear self – release your ideas of how you look or should look. Release your fears of making mistakes or not fitting in and stop trying to keep everything the way YOU think it should be. Stop judging this moment and yourself as right or wrong.

Let go of ideas of who you “are supposed to be” and TRUST that you ARE in the right place at the right time. Trust what you are metamorphosing into IS the BEST YOU and stay open to becoming a higher potential.

When you free your energy to focus on what you are becoming, right now,  you consciously create clarity and beauty. You let go of the past and merge with the light.

You do not know what you are becoming. Like us, you only have a small hint. Follow it. Pursue your inner beauty, let your  light become clear and powerful.”

This year at BlissLife we focus deeper on abundance – and all the ways to cleanse and clear the path, align with allies and empower ourselves to accelerate the transformation we are ALL going through.

Watch for more Crystal wisdom coming this month and join me for the next two BlissLife Podcasts:

1 – Crystal Vortex Abundance Activation.
January 16 @ 2pm ET
2 – Full Moon Crystal Cave Creation Journey to Create Your Abundant Life. January 21  @ 7pm ET

Be crystal clear – let go all that is no longer OPTIMAL for at this time!



On Crystal Lake (bottom is a huge crystal vein) on our way to Activate the Atlantean-Arkansas Crystal connection


PS Clear your ‘stuff’ and quantum leap onto your Life purpose path with great help from Gaia’s crystals.

In July in the CRYSTAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD you have a rare chance to learn LightBody energy healing, heal and awaken your spiritual essence, all while being wrapped in the peaceful beauty of nature and amplified by the crystal kingdom.

Crystal Vortex LightBody Healing Retreat July 2019 Join us for your metamorphosis