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What would you ask an ancient sage if you could?

By January 11, 2019Blog

Beautiful light…

What would you ask an ancient sage if you could?

Think of a being so ancient you cannot fathom the time…

A being so pure, wise, and clear that you feel safe and trust them…

Tell me what you would ask the ancient crystals deep in mother earth’s body… and I will ask for you!

Crystals hold immense power and wisdom. They can be programmed to assist you in your healing, career or purpose. They can amplify love or other energies in a room or in your mind. They are living, conscious beings who grew wise and clear from stress… heat and pressure over time.

They know what metamorphosis is!

Transform into the UNIQUE PUZZLE PIECE  you were designed to be, with the guidance and healing of the crystals.

I am talking to the crystals, in the earth and the ones in my home and healing studio (some new exceptional wands have arrived form a private source, just for the BlissLife Mayan Magic Abundance Pyramid Retreat in March).

Check out and join me for the next two podcasts with crystals

1 – Crystal Vortex Abundance Activation. January 16 @ 2pm ET
2 – Full Moon Crystal Cave Creation Journey to Create Your Abundant Life. January 21  @ 7pm ET

LightBody Energy Healing Retreat 
in The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World – Hot Springs, Arkansas 
July 13-16, 2019  

You are in for a treat when you ask and receive your crystal clear guidance!