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The First Answer is here & Crystal Abundance Activation

By January 16, 2019Blog

The First Answer is here! Last week I asked you:

What would you ask an ancient sage if you could?”

Tell me what you would ask a being so pure, wise, and clear that you feel safe and trust them…the ancient crystals deep in mother earth’s body… and I will ask for you!

This is the crystal that came forward for Suzanne’s question. It is a “Golden Healer” Quartz Crystal from Arkansas. It is a wand garden, it reflects many perspectives, balances polarity, brings in the golden ray – the 12th ray of creation holding all other rays. It is a co creative master and understands strength and grounding as well as high frequency connections to your highest self, the field of abundance and more…

I would ask what is my soul purpose and why do I seem to be able to “forget” my way? repeatedly? – Suzanne

Crystal Answer:

“To move in many directions, To become multidirectional to except not only are multifaceted nature but your ability to see you from multiple perspectives to co-create an bill with many to bring your own true essence of flavor and coloring through in the subtle but powerful grounding way

Ultimately your sole purpose is being you pay attention to how you are designed to what you feel call to pay attention when you feel connected to a path pay attention when you seem to forget your way. clarity the purpose essence and connection come D transformative experiences. Fear, stress, anxiety, depression… these all are heavy the heavier the energy you’re carrying the more powerful the opportunity to transform.

Let go and allow the pressure to squeeze out all that is not you. There is no way to lose you. You’re here so your essence is here. Relax and receive the drops of life and light. Incorporate these into your being and begin to allow them to illuminate bit by bit what you are ready to see and know.

Forgetting in this way is an illusion. Forgetting is a tool of your own device to drain your focus in this present. Reclaim your focus, and you will find your heart.

Forgetting, forgiving, surrendering… are powerful States of Being when you are releasing the fear, the pain, the guilt, the sadness… that has bound you. Use your forgetting powers to let go of the past, the pain, the confusion, the craving and become a clear space to allow the transfiguration.

You do not become your true self, you are always and have always been the true you. You uncover and rediscover your true self. You do not find your Soul purpose, you have been living it in every moment, it was never lost, it IS you. You DISCOVER YOUR TRUE ESSENCE in each moment, because you are new in every moment. Aware of it or not, You have been living your sole purpose from the very moment you arrived here period

What you are really looking for, dear one, is for a clarity of connection to your higher layers (*selves) and the ability to trust and follow yourself into the unknown without slowing yourself down because of fear. You are looking for a Trust that you are enough and once you choose it, the transformation begins. Trust your purpose is within you and begin to reveal the light within by forgetting, forgiving, surrendering to your process. You are asking to transfigure, so let it happen and watch for what emerges from within!”

More answers coming… see you tomorrow for our Crystal Abundance Activation! You go to my facebook page and watch the livestream starting at 2pm Eastern.