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Oooo this week is gonna be Abundant

By February 5, 2019February 6th, 2019Blog

Oooo this week is gonna be Abundant… are you ready? 2019 is FILLED with abundant energies – so be ready to point it towards what you WANT.

Clarity: What is abundance to you?

Tangibility: Would you know it if you became “abundant”?

Receptivity: Are you truly prepared to BE abundant?

True story – a client of mine, Deborah, manifested all her BIG and small dreams within a few months of our deep inner work together! She moved to a new city, ended a relationship that was dragging her down, began to pursue her true passion as a business and even had her play debut to rave reviews and more city bookings…

And a few months later she joined my BlissLife Business design group I and in the first call she said

“I never realized how UNPREPARED I was to have everything I wanted come true! In fact I feel a bit lost and overwhelmed…”

Isn’t that interesting?!

We spend so much time chasing the money, the skinny body, the hot guy, the respect or the promotion… that we forget to enjoy and savor the moment – which is where the true abundance lives, everything else is a wish.

You might be incredibly abundant right now, and you don’t even see it!

Opportunities are dancing all around you – right now – and a SHIFT IN ENERGY is what flips that switch for the money, client, job, partner, house, trip, opportunity, offer… whatever is your true dream, it IS possible.

Is abundance cash-flow? A large salary? A big 401k? A large client list? Stocks, savings, credit…? A big bank account? Multiple streams of income?

Is abundance lots of juicy opportunities? Lots of friends you love?  A sincere support network? A loving relationship with your kids or partner? there are some

Join me this Thursday Feb. 7 @ 2pm ET for my next podcast LIVE on my Facebook Page. This year’s theme is “2019 – Your Abundant Year” BlissLife Podcast:

 “If you Break Your Routine will the ABUNDANCE Follow?”
(AKA – If you FREE Your Mind the Wealth will Follow”)

We will look at

  • The power of getting out of your habits, routine, house, city, familiar places… even your country… to break the habit of being you (and therefore creating the same thing in your life again)
  • Why is the comfort zone really the “Death” Zone and where to find Trust
  • How to find the simplest path to a higher state or emotion
  • What are the top 3 things to do to shift your energy, thoughts and feelings around abundance, and open the flow

What are you doing right now to align with your fully funded mission? Your natural abundant state?

Now is the time!

Ready to breakfree from recreating the same life, income, and relationships? Come to the March Epic Equinox Event:
Awakening the Inner SEER: A Crown Chakra Abundance Awakening at the Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal…

There is nothing like this experience.

Your Fairy Godmother,


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