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Everything About Who You Truly Are

By February 6, 2019Blog

“The ancestors & spirits understand everything that is in our hearts.
Everything we are going to say, they know before we say it.
In the quiet moments, while we are alone, we can find our ways
back to understanding who we truly are.”
— Christi Belcourt

On the equinox in March, we will journey to the Ancient Mayan Pyramids of the Yucatan… we will call on the spirits to Awaken our Inner Seer (clarity and connection to our own abundant purpose) and activate an Abundance Awakening within each of us.

We will commune in sacred ceremony with the wise ancestors to purify our hearts, we will heal with the land, cleanse in sacred waters and experience transcendent journeys in ancient temples. Rediscover everything about who you truly are.

Imagine finding your way back to who you are while surrounded by your soul family, cleansing old fears and blocks with energy healing, sacred sites, symbols and activations at dawn… that is an Abundance Awakening.

Tracey in Private Cenote Purifying Ceremony Sept. Vision Quest 2018

The ancestors & spirits DO understand, and call to you now, to reconnect with your heart, your higher self, your purpose. This is the time to activate your abundance and own it within, free yourself from fears and limitations and manifest WHO YOU TRULY ARE in the world .

Reclaim your crown.

Abundance Awakening
Join me in Magical March for an Abundance Awakening to reboot your entire life.

Awakening the Inner SEER’ Abundance Vision Quest with the Mayan Dual Jaguar A Crown Chakra Abundance Awakening at the Pyramid of the Magician

“The most powerful, transformational magic I have ever experienced”
– Pippa Powling, September 2018, returning in March!

Pippa on Dolphin Healing & Fun day Sept. Equinox 2018

Go >here< and watch the video, look at the images, feel the magic and powerful transformation, see what the previous epic equinox attendees have said… this is no ordinary event.

Your Souls’ renewal and purpose is waiting for you in the warm, friendly and magical Mayan peninsula.

Talk to me, and see if your Soul’s next best step is the Mayan Pyramid Magic Dolphin Healing vision quest to activate and align you with your abundance.

Abundant love,


Nan Leading the Final Activation on Top of Coba Mayan Pyramid at Dawn Sept. 2018

PS Welcome home! Are you ready to break free from your daily routine, reconnect to the magic, and abundance. It is waiting for you.

PPS Thank you to this lovely artist Christi Belcourt

Nan leading the Coba Pyramid Dawn Equinox Black Star Jaguar Vision Quest Activation