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OK – You are NOT Interested in More Money

By February 11, 2019Blog

So you are NOT interested in more money I see… correct?

I have been sending you some new and old kick-ass MONEY MANIFESTATION tools, podcasts, meditations… and Saturday I asked you a couple questions so I could help you REALLY MAKE A MONEY & WORTHINESS TRANSFORMATION THIS YEAR…

And you didn’t answer!

PLEASE LISTEN… I have been up and down the money rollercoaster… millions to bankrupt and back again… so I understand where you are and why… AND I have helped thousands of clients too… so I know, in depth, the pitfalls and the shortcuts to mastering your money mind and aligning with the flow.

If you let me, I can use my 30 years of business building expertise and energy healing with my 18 years as a master level hypnotherapist and shamanic training to go deep inside and find the reason… and fix it once and for all. 

So…. do you see why I am asking you to please HIT REPLY and answer these questions?

What is your biggest pain, fear, block RIGHT NOW when it comes to money or abundance? (It can be a fear from something that happened in the past, but it is stopping you now)

Part 2:
What is your biggest pain, fear, block when it comes to self esteem or confidence in asking for money, a raise, a sale…?

What HAVE YOU tried to change it? WHY didn’t it work?
(WHAT DO YOU WANT?! How would it feel or look if you had the inner PEACE and TRUST with money and your worth and the cashflow?)

I spent almost 10 years specializing in this topic – MONEY – both internally with mindset, beliefs, emotions, memory, Karma and more… AND in business strategy, sales and offers… sooo I have two questions I would SO LOVE if you would take a minute to answer for me…

Thank you so much for your time... please watch the emails as we have something amazing coming soon to EXPLODE your MONEY MANIFESTATIONS!



PS Please add ANY other questions you have about money, wealth, mental or emotional blocks, success, self-esteem and asking or knowing you are abundant and found it!