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Give me 30 seconds to open your eyes to riches

By February 18, 2019February 22nd, 2019Blog


I wanted to be sure you know about this… the deadline to join the new 2019 updated Flip Your Rich Switch for $298.50 off + $1776 in new content is 11:59pm, today!

When you grab your spot here you will get a live Rich Switch reading from me about your energy around money and success (see the all new content below – including 2 new LIVE experiences this next week).

This will help you pinpoint the key blocks that will trip up your strategy to flip your rich switch and create a new stream of income, confidence or other form of abundance you seek.

This is my life now: travel and work from anywhere, live a block from the ocean with an ocean view, do my spiritual and energy work at sacred sites (like me meditating on the right at Uxmal yesterday above) and connect with incredible people, and magical experiences almost daily on my fully funded mission.

I’m just returning from an incredible trip to the ancient site of Uxmal (in the Mayan Yucatan Jungle) where we spent 14 hours over two days meditating at the sacred sites preparing for the March Equinox Abundance Awakening Retreat.

If I can achieve a fabulous lifestyle overlooking the Caribbean Sea after going through bankruptcy and divorce, I’m confident that anyone who follows the steps and does this mind and habit rewiring system can too!


Akasha at Home

My Home View Now!

I believe in you.

No matter where you are today.

No matter how much or little you’ve struggled with finances throughout your life.

I’m ready to guide you to not only overcome the blocks that prevent wealth and abundance from flowing naturally into your life, but to develop a harmonic relationship with money that enables you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and a positive mark on the world as you do it.

Join me here now. Your BlissLife awaits….

Rich vibes,




P.S. – An abundant life awaits you. Flip Your Rich Switch And Get FOUR NEW Bonuses worth $1776.

BONUS #1: LIVE Rich Switch Quick Start & Goal Setting Training + Goal Alignment Activation Meditation! Feb 19th. at 2pm Eastern -a 2 Hour Interactive Training Video to set your goals, mindsets, Magnetic Wealth Affirmation and and understand your daily routine. You can ask me anything and you wil be ready to start your Rich Switch routnine that fast!

BONUS #2: LIVE “Flip Your Rich Switch” Clearings with Nan Akasha, the “Fairy Godmother of Money”, on February 21, 2019 @ 2pm ET ($500 Value)
This live call will include Q & A and 1-1 clearings and readings about your Energetic Money Blocks, strategy suggestions.Call will end with a group “Rich Switch Activation” (recorded for you to use over and over).

BONUS #3: “Clear Your Fear” Energy Healing Video  ($333 Value)

A guided High Income Hypnosis session designed to cleanse and clear any fear energies that are blocking your clarity or flow around manifesting your goals around money, wealth and worthiness. This video works on all levels: Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, and will be a powerful session for you to revisit often throughout your life.

BONUS #4: A New Daily Routine! Debuting Feb. 25, 2019. ($333 value)
Be the first to receive this Brand New High Income Hypnosis 10-12 Minute Money Mindset Rewiring Audio and 2 minute Video.

Get all the bonuses AND save 50% off the original price when you join before midnight today here.